Essential oils

Essential oils are used in cosmetic formulations for their therapeutic benefits and natural fragrance. They can offer various benefits for the skin and hair, including anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

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Irresistible & Aromatic

We supply an incredible range of wholesale essential oils — just what is needed for giving your product a distinctive, unique aroma.

Whether a perfume, fragrance or any scented hair or skincare product, essential oils lend it that unique aromatic touch.

It’s not all about fragrance, though; O&3 essential oils bring with them a strong profile of emollient and cosmetic benefits - the perfect addition to your next formulation.


Benefits of O&3 Essential Oils

With the availability of hundreds of of essential oil ingredients, all with different aromatic and healing properties, there's a lot of reasons to buy wholesale essential oils from O&3:

  • Diverse: a huge range of irresistible, unique fragrances
  • Versatile: dynamic ingredients for ease of use in many products
  • Functional: exceptional stability and blending
  • Zero-waste: our organic essential oils are recycled from industry by-products
  • For hair: great for dandruff, grease or hair loss
  • For skin: ideal for moisturising, anti-acne, antiseptic or insect bites
  • For massage: many stress-busting, anti-inflammatory or antidepressant organic and non-organic essential oils
  • Various pack sizes: meeting your exact needs and requirements


Technical Information

As a wholesale essential oils supplier, we gain the trust of R&D teams by providing them with the highest level of technical product insight. Each of our essential oils comes with a comprehensive, detailed downloadable data sheet.

  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for every essential oil
  • No parabens or restricted preservatives
  • No colorants or UV filters
  • Suitable for cosmetic application (of course!)
  • Some oils suitable for food application in certain dilutions

Why O&3?

  • Fast global delivery

    3–5 day lead times and flexible, speedy logistics around the world.

  • Downloadable technical documents

    We exceed our clients’ technical expectations with up-to-date, in-depth data.

  • Available in a variety of pack sizes, grades and formats

    Whatever specifications or requirements you have, we make it happen.

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