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Global leaders in natural oil ingredients and innovation

Harnessing 40 years of British family heritage and knowledge in the wholesale natural oils sector, O&3’s core focus is to service its’ clients by producing, packing and adding value to a wide range of natural oil ingredients. Whether you are a direct consumer, wholesaler or manufacturer, the O&3 family are the global go-to for all your natural oil ingredients and innovation. Welcome to the next generation of natural oil suppliers.
O&3 has a unique family dynamic that comes from a wealth of experience across a rapidly changing personal care and food market. This exciting venture is founded upon an absolute passion for providing the finest natural ingredients.
It is what we do. It is all that we do.
  • Thomas

    Commercial / Little Brother


    I have two big sisters – some may say I was fortuitous, others pity me … but it forced me to become a bit of a game changer! I have never had any interest in falling into someone else’s plan so designing my own career path, founding and starting up a business was always going to be on my radar. O&3 had to happen. And, what is more, I always knew one thing for sure: growing up around our family business, playing games and earning our pocket money, we each derived some very different, equally useful skill sets. So if I was going to start this business with anyone, it was going to be with two of my greatest allies- my sisters.

    ‘Slurp’ was my first business, cocktail flaring, which I set up while at university. I loved it, the lifestyle loved it, the studies not so much, so the final year meant that Slurp had to go while I ensured the letters after my name were secured. And then the oil industry called at The Kerfoot Group; after spending a few months working on the food side of the business I recognised an opportunity to build the Kerfoot Speciality Oils division, servicing the cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets.  For ten years I focused specifically on these extremely versatile ingredients: understanding the value they could add to my client base, ensuring the next trends were available to them – always working on their technical ability as well as the marketing opportunities.

    I say to the girls most days: “the brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all!”  O&3 is a company with culture, a business of change and a platform for growth. Something tells me this is going to be a fun ride…!

  • Jennifer



    Big sister here. The bossy one.  And isn’t it funny how these traits are inherent – no matter the game growing up, I was always the teacher, shopkeeper, office boss or hairdresser!  And here I am, carrying that title once again, albeit now the games are a little more serious… sometimes!  O&3 is all about change and my role is to bring the different facets of our business together cohesively and seamlessly: ensuring our people are happy, the numbers are in check, and the process works.

    Eleanor, Thomas and I have oils in our blood — albeit I spent ten years in London working for a global bank, the pull from our Father back to the family platform was too enticing to ignore. After six years in the Company I took the helm from our Father in 2013 and became its’ CEO until we sold. During that time we experienced some of the Group’s most aggressive growth and expansion in both the food and personal care markets enabling it to become globally recognised brand. I am incredibly proud of our family name: of all that it has achieved so far and of the value it brings across our industry.

    Some may say that my MA from St. Andrews University and further study at the Universidad de Deusto in Bilbao provided me with the openings for my career, but I may argue that all those school holidays and weekends working for our parents did that! Working fast, solving problems, being brave and talking – we each have the tenacity and experience to embrace O&3 in abundance. Let’s do this!

  • Eleanor



    Otherwise known as the peace-maker in our fortified trio (a typical middle sibling!). My childhood years were spent being the customer, the office worker or the pupil, not forgetting my Kerfoot Group holiday jobs involving pulling together the stationary orders, I suppose it was somewhat inevitable that I’d become a Buyer one day!

    Eight years with Boden clothing sourcing fabrics and clothing manufacturers meant I had to travel the globe, in particular Asia, finding that next trend. Then followed Crew Clothing which gave me similar exposure – but this time spending more time in India and Northern Africa. And then my little bro needed me: The Kerfoot Group’s Speciality Oils Division was evolving and they needed someone to streamline and head up their purchasing strand. Travelling equally as much, dealing with the pressures from the commercial team to deliver on the next trend remained just as important, but this time with beautiful oils, butters and waxes. Most rewarding of all I have spent many years committed to sourcing and developing key relationships with some incredibly remote communities around the world which I have witnessed grow, develop and ultimately change lives.

    My degree in Spanish and Business Management gave me the tools to develop key relationships, negotiate and deliver the perfect products from multiple supplier routes around the globe. I am determined to ensure my sourcing of new and unique product is equal to no-one else’s; being bold, open and of course fair… oh and keeping that big sister and little brother of mine in check from time to time!

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