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The Infusion Charts

One of our favourite jobs at O&3 is research & developing different infusions. We have a wide variety of herbs, flowers and fruits that we infuse into whatever carrier oil we see best suited for the job. The infusion must be managed and controlled with diligence in order to get the best results as we want a finished oil infusion that holds plenty of clarity. We think Infusions are best served as they are however they also work as a super formulation ingredient. When it comes to manufacturing this ingredient investment of time and patience in getting the very best clarity makes all the difference. So, this process cannot be rushed – patience is the name of the game!

See below for our Infusion charts, ranking our top 5 favourites and the benefits they can bring to your next finished product.

1.     Calendula Herb infused in Sunflower Oil

Known to aid in healing chapped and dried skin. So, a popular ingredient to add to your lip care products.

2.     Goji Berry infused in Sunflower Oil

These berries are full of flavonoids (such as beta-carotene) which help to maintain a healthy glow in the skin carrying antioxidant properties. Ideal for your skin care formulations.

3.     Aloe Vera Infused in Coconut Oil

We all know Aloe Vera’s benefits when it comes to sun care formulations, however we have changed things up here by infusing Aloe in Coconut oil to not only make it that little bit more exotic but also give you a wonderful base ingredient to apply to body butters, etc.

4.     Arnica Herb infused in Sunflower Oil

Arnica is an age-old ingredient that can be applied to both haircare and skincare products. With its hair growth properties, we like to use it in deep conditioners or hair tonics.

5.     Comfrey Infused in Sunflower Oil

When looking for an ingredient to give you a deep tissues moisturiser, Comfrey should be on the list. Even just a splash of this with the appropriate carrier helps maintain skin tissue and prevent flakiness.