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Wellness & Wellbeing Edit Part III: Creating Winding-down Wellness

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Wellness & Wellbeing Edit Part III: Creating Winding-down Wellness


Self-pampering is top of the agenda.

The secret’s out. Customers are more concerned than ever with their happiness, health, self-care and wellbeing — quite understandably, in the wake of a global pandemic!

But with more of us working from home than ever before, striking that work-life balance sweet spot has been a challenge. ‘Switching off’ in the evenings has never been so important, yet so difficult.

As we all know, wholesome rest and sleep is a key part of a holistic wellness routine. Fortunately, the oil extracts of Mother Nature’s plants can help us steer ourselves towards a more rounded, wellbeing-focused lifestyle.

Just as carefully-chosen essential oil blends can help invigorate and uplift us — perfect for the morning — so they can also be used for evening tranquillity and repose. 

Let’s explore three ingredients renowned for their winding-down wellness superpowers.


Lavender, Essential Oil Organic — for calming, soothing and nodding off


Sleep is a cornerstone of human health. We could quote from endless research attesting to its all-encompassing benefits — for physical wellbeing, mental health and even our social connectedness. 

Put it this way: if you’re sleeping badly, you’ll know about it — expect muscle aches, poor concentration, snacking, higher stress levels, irritability and much, much more!

Hailing from southern France, steam-distilled Lavandula Angustifolia can capture those reinvigorating, refreshing 40 winks. Research has demonstrated that it acts as a mood stabiliser, inducing relaxation.

Perhaps consider blending the oil of this bright blue flower into a candle, pillow spray, lotion or soap formulation.

Interestingly, did you know that premium grade lavender grown at a high altitude — such as Lavender Indian Kashmir, harvested from high in the Indian Himalayas — actually has an awakening and invigorating effect?


Jasmine, Absolute — for taking your sleep to the next level


From the little white flowers of the jasmine flower comes this delightful, powerful, sleep-inducing fragrant absolute. It blends excellently in any formulation and can make for a particularly relaxing evening massage oil or muscle rub.

Indeed, researchers in Germany have discovered that jasmine’s calming fragrance has a molecular mechanism of action that means it can work naturally in a similar way to a sleeping pill — soothing the nerves, relieving anxiety and promoting sleep. 


Chamomile Roman, Essential Oil — for a stress-free, relaxing evening


With many of us working from home — a trend that looks set to continue — it’s been challenging to ‘disconnect’ from the day’s stresses in the evening.

The anxiety-busting credentials of ingredients like chamomile roman, therefore, are particularly apt for a 2021 wellness routine. Consider blending this dynamic ingredient into any evening formulation; massage oils, room sprays, hair products, lotions, candles or something else!

Research has shown that chamomile roman blended with lavender — an ingredient we touched on earlier — can reduce anxiety levels and promote quality sleep.

There are a number of different types of chamomile oil; this particular grade has a gorgeous, fruity aroma and is one of the oldest recorded medicinal herbs. Its calming effects are even attested to by ancient Egyptians.


Top tips for that wellness wind-down… 


Whether you’re commuting from a workplace or just from your spare room, we’re often guilty of taking the day’s stress to the sofa. As well as incorporating these oils, how else do we build a wellness-focused evening routine?

After you finish work, consider a spot of meditation, or schedule a quick chat with a friend. With the days getting warmer and longer, an evening stroll can be another great way to create a wellness ‘buffer’, separating work and down time.

If you’re feeling particularly stressed, take five minutes at the end of the day to create your to-do list for tomorrow, or simply write out everything that’s on your mind. This can make it easier to leave your worries for tomorrow.

Oh, and don’t forget to snooze those email notifications!


Ready to create some chill-out cosmetics?


At O&3, we help cosmetics brands to get where they need to be — ahead of the curve. With over 950 natural essential oils and oil-based ingredients in our range, you’ll find precisely what you’re looking for. 

If you’re looking to tap into your customers’ growing concern with self-care, we’re here to help. Get in touch to discover the perfect ingredients for your next wellness formulation — ingredients that restore, refresh and replenish.


P.S. — If you’d like to try any of the oils mentioned in this blog, just drop us a message!

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