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Wellness & Wellbeing Edit Part II: Creating Get-up-and-go Beauty

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Wellness and self-care are top of the agenda for many consumers — as you’ll know if you caught Part I of our Wellbeing & Wellness Edit!

In our last blog, as well as touching on why health and happiness is in, we briefly introduced a few beauty ingredients famed for the wellness-inducing wonders they can weave. 

In this, the second part of our Wellness & Wellbeing Edit, we want to explore these superpowers in a bit more detail. 

In particular, we want to help all you product formulators out there. How can you transform ordinary morning beauty products into energy-boosting, revitalising wellness products?

Essential oils can convey a number of benefits that make them apt for achieving wellness throughout the day!

Let’s discuss three specially-chosen wellness essential oils; powerful, energising ingredients that are ideal for those all-action mornings.


Bergamot, Essential Oil — for stress-free morning energy and happiness


Named after the northeastern Italian city of Bergamo, a bergamot is a type of citrus fruit from the rolling countryside of southern France, Italy and Sicily.

If you’re feeling a bit drained in the mornings, recent research shows us that the oil extract from bergamot peel can help; it may be bitter, small and inedible, but the bergamot has been shown to reduce feelings of fatigue and anxiety. 

Another large-scale study also discovered that bergamot can boost our mood, relieve stress and stimulate the brain to release neurotransmitters like dopamine, lifting our feelings. 

Wild-harvested citrus essential oils like this are well known for stimulating and energising the senses. Bergamot, in particular, packs a big wellness punch.

Bergamot essential oil can be incorporated into many types of product formulation — body washes, moisturisers, face oils and serums, but also possibly into bedroom room sprays and diffusers!

With its beautiful sweet, orange-like scent, the little bergamot is a sure-fire way to realise revitalising, energy-boosting beauty range.


Rosemary, Essential Oil — for productivity, focus and mood lift


There’s nothing as wellness-inducing as a productive, enriching morning.

Rosemary has been shown to enhance brain function and memory, helping to alleviate symptoms of low mood. It’s a widely celebrated essential oil that can help us to bring mental clarity and focus to our lives — a crucial component of wellness.

The ingredient is obtained by steam distilling the leaves and flowering tops of a rosemary shrub, harvested from the sun-blamed Spanish countryside. As well as its alluring herbaceous aroma and impressive antioxidant profile, the result is a powerful, productivity-inducing oil.

What’s more, rosemary essential oil is incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into any number of hair and skin formulations — a great way to get a wellness ‘edge’ into your daily routine.


Litsea Cubeba, Essential Oil — for refreshing, rejuvenating and revitalising


Hectic early mornings can sometimes leave us feeling a little bit drained and fatigued. Fortunately, there are a few essential oils that can help to refresh, energise and rejuvenate. 

Litsea Cubeba is one such ingredient.

Like bergamot, this is a citrus essential oil, fantastic for creating a vibrant, energy-boosting morning hair and skincare formulation.

A 10-metre tall shrub native to east and southeast Asia, when steam distilled, its pepper-shaped fruits provide a high-performance oil with a spicy, sweet aromatic profile.

Also known as May Chang, Litsea Cubeba is able to energise more than just our minds — its antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory profile gives our skin a new lease of life, too.


O&3: your wellness beauty partner


Infuse your cosmetic product lines with wellness get-up-and-go.

With an expansive range of premium wholesale essential oils and natural ingredients, we’ve helped brands to create high-performance, standout beauty that consumers absolutely love.

If you’d like to get started on some invigorating wellness formulations, drop our friendly team a line. If you’d like to try some of the essential oils mentioned in this blog, we’d love to provide a sample — just get in touch!

P.S. — Don’t forget to check in for the third and final part of our Edit, where we’ll relax, recharge and unwind with some evening wellness oils.

Please note that the views/opinions expressed in this blog are solely our own. It is the responsibility of our clients to conduct the necessary testing to substantiate any claims and ensure compliance with industry standards for every ingredient. We will not accept any liability for claims made based on our content.