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Robyn McClean

Beauty Industry Top Trends for 2021, Part II: Clean Beauty

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Consumers expect beauty brands to start doing things differently. Let’s explore the thriving clean beauty movement — how is the cosmetics world getting involved?

What’s trending in cosmetics?

The million-dollar question for all beauty product formulators out there. As a leading wholesale supplier of oils and oil-based ingredients, perhaps we have the insights and expertise to help!

In case you missed the last instalment in our blog edit of beauty industry top trends, we touched on blue beauty, an exciting cosmetics sustainability movement with a focus on everything oceanic.

There are a number of other flourishing trends that promise to take the cosmetics world by storm in 2021. So, let’s lift the lid on clean beauty, the second theme for our edit. 

How can brands get involved with the clean beauty movement to future-proof their cosmetics formulations for the coming year?


What is clean beauty?


Clean beauty products are usually defined as those created without any ingredients that harm people and our planet. Everything within a product — each ingredient, all packaging — must contain no known or suspected toxic elements. 

With a growing consumer interest in detoxification, clean beauty is also about ingredient quality, purity and performance. Clean beauty means no synthetics and freedom from unnecessary processing.

Clean beauty is also focused on ethics and mindfulness, stressing the environmental and human impact of our cosmetics.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, either. The clean beauty movement holds that the most effective (and ethical) ingredients are those that come straight from nature. We couldn’t agree more!


Clean beauty — why, and how?


Conscious consumerism is here to stay. An organic, environmental agenda is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for beauty brands — it’s an absolute necessity.

By 2027, it’s estimated that the global market value for natural and organic cosmetic products will reach $54.5bn — that’s up from $38.2bn in 2020. 

Also, according to a survey of over 3000 UK cosmetics consumers, 86 percent desire information about supply chains, with 88 percent wanting cosmetics brands to do more to help them make a difference.

This means that formulators need to tell a compelling, inspiring and ‘clean’ story through their products. To do so, they need organic, accountable ingredients. One capturing the attention of formulators is cold-pressed organic Rosehip Seed Oil.

Rosehip seeds come from rosa canina, a species of rose native to many continents of the world. Ours are wild harvested and handpicked from Chile and Bulgaria and then lightly cold pressed, producing a beautiful, versatile and ‘clean’ orange-coloured oil. 

Cold-pressed oils are very popular in the clean beauty world. Because they’re extracted without the use of heat or solvents, there’s absolutely no hidden artificial nasties or synthetic surprises contained within. Cold pressing is a gentle extraction process which ensures that the innate goodness of a natural source is guaranteed and not compromised.

As natural and non-toxic as it comes, this oil is also free from parabens. Historically popular in beauty products, parabens have more recently been linked with cancer and reproductive issues because of how they mimic oestrogen in the body. Clean beauty means that harmful chemicals are out!

Performance matters, too. With a long and well-established history in beauty, rosehip oil boasts incredible skin cell and tissue repair properties. Naturally chock full of vitamin C, this ingredient is able to be incorporated into a number of cosmetic formulations, most commonly for skin care.

That’s not to mention the other emollients qualities afforded by this therapeutic ‘tonic’ ingredient. As well as hydrating, moisturising and cleansing the skin, it contains trans-retinoic acid — known to help with acne.

Psst, did you know that our rosehip oil is also available in a unique grade that is more red in colour? You won’t find it anywhere else!


O&3: helping to create clean beauty brands


Interested in developing a new clean beauty range? We’ve got the expertise and the oils to make it all happen for your brand.

The quality oils and oil-based ingredients that we stock are carefully curated and specially selected for their zero-waste credentials, sustainably sourced in every way and totally free from parabens and other no-good nasties. 

We’re proud to provide detailed information on the source of all our oils, each complying with rigorous and robust EU standards for safety and non-toxicity. Cleanliness, guaranteed.

From the initial conception of your clean beauty idea through to formulation, bottling and the eventual drop-off delivery of your finished product, we’re with you every step of the way. Get in touch to discuss your formulation needs.


P.S. — don’t forget to check back soon for the final instalment of our beauty top trends!