Say ‘hello’ to the latest addition to our exciting range of zero waste scrubs — Olive Stones, Exfoliant.

Consumers are aspiring to live more sustainable lives, with zero waste being an ultimate goal. But playing a part can sometimes be difficult — it seems like waste is everywhere. That natural, sustainable choice is often hard to come by.

That’s why we’re determined to help you go completely natural in your product development. We’ve created a special range of zero waste exfoliating formulations, with our latest addition, Olive Stones, Exfoliant.

Our exfoliants create products that enable consumers to live their best zero waste lives. Drum roll, please and allow us to introduce… 

Olive Stones, Exfoliant — the new zero waste exfoliant

Harness the immense exfoliating power of olive stones.

When creating our range of oils at O&3, we love to recycle the by-products and use them in many imaginative, creative ways. In this instance, we’ve taken an exfoliant obtained from olive stones to create a highly-functional, natural solution.

If that sounds pretty unique, it’s probably because it is. The key ingredient in this scrub is a by-product from the olive stone grinding process. Infused with exfoliating qualities, Olive Stones originates from Spain and by using grinding and air separation in its manufacture, we’ve created a zero waste scrub that’s complete, natural and chemical-free.

This ingredient is for those who want to create products which put their greenest foot forward. This natural exfoliant sits well in cream formulations and retains some oil that boosts the exfoliation experience.

This exfoliant is the ideal ally for creating products that give a glowing complexion. The end result is a revitalised, smooth layer of skin with zero waste; a sustainable solution for the removal of dead skin cells.

Be a part of our planet’s future: why zero waste scrubs?

Over the past few years, health and beauty products have been making headlines, but scarcely for the right reasons. It’s been impossible to avoid stories about microbeads, those notorious small solid plastic particles measuring less than one millimetre.

Once a key component of many types of body scrub, microbeads do not decompose once we’re done scrubbing. They proliferate throughout our planet’s environment, finding their way into everything and causing significant damage, particularly to aquatic ecosystems. Now a thing of the past, recent changes in law have thankfully forced exfoliant manufacturers to adapt. 

That’s not all. Consumers are increasingly standing up and taking note of brands and businesses who do things sustainably. According to the latest research, by 2027 the global natural beauty market is forecast to be worth a whopping $54bn, growing by over 5% each year. 

In a world where doing the sustainable thing is increasingly important, why not give your products the incredible marketing power of having 100% natural, eco-friendly ingredients?

Olive Stones, Exfoliant is your ticket to join the zero waste revolution that’s currently underway. At O&3, we’re delighted to be helping brands to make a natural statement with our zero waste exfoliants and scrubs.

At last, a natural, sustainable exfoliant

Our zero waste scrubs have our planet in mind, but also the consumer. In creating an exfoliant that’s 100% natural, we’ve sacrificed none of the celebrated performance benefits of other exfoliants.

Olive Stones, Exfoliant works by clearing away dead cells that might be clogging your skin, revealing a softer layer underneath. Clearing pores, preventing acne and boosting circulation are the name of the game — all whilst helping our planet to breathe.

Olive stones are your key to creating products that keep skin looking fresh, healthy and soft whilst doing the environment a favour. 

Let’s get scrubbing.

Olive Stones, Exfoliant is a statement of sustainability, helping your product range to be completely natural. With consumers increasingly investing in zero waste products, our range of scrubs are your chance to play a part in our planet’s future.