Discover the benefits of our new cold-pressed oil

We were thrilled to recently announce a brand new range in our collection of natural oils – the O&3 Fruit & Veg Patch offers a variety of new ingredients, all derived from amazing fruit and vegetables. 100% naturally produced, these oils are packed with an array of essential fatty acids and make a wonderful addition to our family of organic products. These brilliant oils are created using raw materials that would otherwise be disposed of – we harvest lots of seeds from the unwanted plants, then simply press away to extract their pure, natural goodness.

One of the stars of the new Fruit & Veg Patch collection is our Carrot Seed Oil, also known as Queen Anne’s Lace. Our cold-pressed formula, harvested from wild carrot seeds, is Omega enriched, full of fatty acids, and packed with carotene and vitamin A, both of which are effective antioxidants. This wonder oil is said to promote cellular regeneration, to give you silky smooth skin, and can create a firmer, fresher appearance by helping remove toxins and water build-up in the skin tissue.

These amazing properties are why it is hailed as a miracle oil. Extraordinarily rejuvenating, this super oil has the potential to be the next big trend in natural product development – think of it as the argan oil of tomorrow.

How can it be incorporated into beauty products?

Our cold-pressed carrot seed oil is a good emollient and absorbs beautifully into the skin. It has a pleasantly light marzipan aroma, meaning it smells as good as it feels and is the perfect addition to body moisturisers or hydrating face creams. Carrot seed oil can be used on all skin types and needs no dilution prior to application, making it the ideal product to be used in ‘treatments’ such as overnight masks.

Carrot seed oil can also be added to other naturally derived products to provide additional benefits such as shampoos or conditioners. Packed full of vitamins that encourage cellular repair and growth, it can help to strengthen hair, add shine, fight breakage and prevent split ends.

Extremely versatile and totally unique, with this wonder oil from our new Fruit & Veg Patch collection, the product development possibilities really are endless!

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