The superfood mantra is, by now, familiar to anyone who inspects labels, hovers over produce at the supermarket or consumes the literature of the wellness community.  It is said that a food is promoted to ‘superfood’ status when it offers high levels of desirable nutrients, is linked to the prevention of a disease, or is believed to offer several simultaneous health benefits beyond its nutritional value.  We like the sound of these bundles of goodness!

The cosmetic and beauty industry has endorsed the superfood concept and is pushing out new products about as quickly as you can say ‘Avocado Oil’!

The trend has inspired studies, papers and reports from academics, suppliers and business analysts all using either the term ‘superfood’, ‘superfruit’ or ‘supergrain’.

At O&3, we are loving the SuperFood ethos, especially during January.  Usually seen as a ‘doom and gloom’ month, we like to view it as a month of change, a month of kickstarting new ways and therefore a ‘New Natural You’.


Here we have our take on some gorgeous ‘Superfood’ products to inspire you…

AVOCADO OIL, COLD PRESSED:  This delivers benefits in & out!  Our Avocado Oil originates from South Africa where we utilise the damaged Avocados (that are not fit for sale as a fruit).  This high vitamin enriched oil is delicately cold pressed from the flesh of the Avocado pear.  Commonly used in hair products due to its ability to stimulate hair growth.  Its popularity is due to a long list of functionalities but most of all its ability to penetrate & absorb into the skin like no other.  Another ingredient that its versatility will allow a wide range of applications from skin care, baby care to hair maintenance.

BLUEBERRY BUTTER:  This butter is produced using our pure Blueberry Oil and mixing it with the fatty acids and unsaponifiables of other vegetable Oils.   The butter is a solid performer when used as a personal care base, its cost effective, easy to use and absorbs extremely well when applied to the skin without making the skin feel greasy.  Use this in your formulations at a rate of approx. 8-10% and you will not go wrong.  It is popular in face/body creams, lotions, natural soaps & in lip care products. You can use it alone or mix it with other oils, a super moisturiser.

PAPAYA SEED OIL, REFINED:  This super-fruit is just what you are looking for in your formulation if you are looking for straight forward goodness.  Rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and Papain (enzyme).  Its got it all.  In particular, Papain is an exfoliant which removes dead skin cells and sebum.  A totally natural alternative to giving new skin cells the chance to flourish and deliver lushes new skin layers.  Its antioxidant profile means it contains anti-inflammatory properties so it is often used to handle skin irritations of any kind.  It’s refined state means it is a very stable oil and is odourless meaning you can fragrance it however you wis

CAMELLIA (a.k.a. GREEN TEA), INFUSED SUNFLOWER OIL:   This highly nutritious oil, also known as Green Tea is fantastic for skin & hair care ingredients. A great penetrator of the skin & hair roots, this oil absorbs wonderfully delivering a wide array of benefits including a high content of oleic acid, Omegas 3/6/9 & to top it off a wealthy content of Vitamin E & polyphenols.  We infuse this in our nutritious Sunflower oil to control the aroma profile.  Its very straightforward to use & suits all skin applications but notably face creams & hair care products for its ability to protect from UV rays, reduce skin blemishes & enhance hair growth.

JOJOBA SEED OIL GOLDEN, COLD PRESSED:  Jojoba itself was originally introduced into the market as a replacement to sperm whale oil. The incredible story of this oil is that the spectacular sperm whales were once harvested (killed) for its spermaceti wax content.  The introduction of Jojoba established it carried similar, if not better properties, saving the lives of multiple whales. The oil is a non greasy lubricator; best served in hair & skin care products and more natural product ranges such as for babies. A super hair strengthener delivering shine. A superb emollient, the oil works perfectly on its own directly on the skin. So much so, research has established that Jojoba Oil absorbs so well it can reach the corneal layer via the follicle wall, oils do not absorb much better than this.


We hope we have inspired you to add some super products to your next formulation plan.  As always, please drop us a line: or call us to chat through your ideas; we are here to support you on your natural ingredients journey!

From our family to yours; We are O&3 – The Oil Family.