With over 700 products within our portfolio (and growing daily!), it is so tricky to pick out our favourites when somebody asks us to!

We put our lovely Kerfoot 3 to the test, by asking them to pick a couple of favourite products for the winter and festive season…

  • First up, Jennifer – our Chief Exec & Big Sister:

“Well… my top oil has always been & will always be extra virgin olive oil – first press of course 😉!  After that, it’s some beautiful organic Virgin Coconut to keep the skin & hair hydrated in & amongst all this cold weather”.

Fabulous choices!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – has an abundance of uses.  As you may know Olive oil is not only a nutritious oil for dressing your salads but also great for nourishing your skin.  Mediterranean folk have been applying it directly to their skin for decades to deliver the appropriate moisture to their sun tanned skins.  It works superbly as an ingredient in your formulation or on its own, although this oil does leave the skin a little greasy when applied on its own, so we recommend adding it into a formulation.  When Jennifer refers to First Press” she is simply referring to the process by which the producer extracts the olive oil from the fruit to create olive oil. “First pressed” – means the olives were crushed & pressed only once. The olive oil extracted from the first pressing is of the highest quality & purity – exactly how we like it!

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil –  a common ingredient in many cosmetic applications due to its stability & its ability to soften the skin when applied to the body. Its natural form is a butter-like ingredient which delivers both silky smooth results when applied to both the skin & hair. With regards to Coconut Oil, Unrefined (Virgin) Organic, we have taken crude coconut & left it as it is, full of its nutritious elements & a wonderful Coconut aroma. Some oils are best served untouched…

Next up, Eleanor – our Operations Director & Little Sister:

“Shea Butter for dry skin – it’s a magic potion that is brilliant for adding much needed moisture back in.  Coconut Fractionated; always for taking make-up off.  Then I would have to say the wonderful Moringa Seed Oil; an utterly amazing product & perfect for this time of year!”

Shea Butter – this traditional Ghanaian product has been hand crafted by local women of the sub-Saharan Savannah-Sahel for decades, for both culinary & cosmetic purposes. The butter is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree that grow across Africa. It has grown in popularity in the cosmetics industry in the past decade. Similar in makeup to that of Cocoa butter, Shea butter is a healthy option for your body, both internally & externally. Rich in vitamins A, E & F, this butter is full of nutrients that aid in the production of collagen. It is considered one of the best skin nourishing ingredients hence its popularity in body butters & massage, it melts wonderfully into the skin.  As Eleanor says, the perfect skin hydrator.

Coconut Fractionated –  personal care & food manufacturers enjoy using this product due to its liquid form, because it makes it easier to handle & there is no need for melting; unlike when you use Refined Coconut Oil.   Just like Refined Coconut Oil, Fractionated Coconut is a super emollient & fantastic carrier/base oil to carry your formulation, due to the fractionation process; it is a very stable oil so can take rigorous processing in formulations.  It’s an excellent moisturiser & is known to help with soothing skin rashes & irritations. It’s also known to help fight acne.  Fractionated coconut oil helps with healing & soothing chapped lips, plus, a lovely ‘secret’ use, as Eleanor has said, a fab make-up removing tool!

Moringa – a powerhouse oil!  This ancient ingredient (once used by the Egyptians to protect them from the harsh desert environment) has really come into its own in modern day cosmetic application.  Proteins, minerals, vitamins, it has it all.  Moringa is a replenisher of the skin, it brings vibrancy through its enriched nutritional profile. The antioxidants within the oil aids in the prevention of free radical damage to skin tissue (i.e. the creator of wrinkles). It carries cytokinins which encourage skin cell growth, so works very well in deep skin moisturisers & after-sun products. It is also rich in Vitamin C, which we all need to maintain a healthy complexion ‘glow’.  Well, if it was good enough for the ancient Egyptians…!

Last, but no means least, Thomas; our Commercial Director & Little Brother:

“My top three of the moment are all new to our portfolio and so exciting!  Carrot Seed Oil, Cold Pressed  (Just thinking reindeer’s! ;),  Babchi (Bakuchiol) Oil, Cold Pressed; the buzzy ingredient that is being compared to Retinol.  Then there’s Dragon Fruit Seed Oil, Cold Pressed; an amazing anti-oxidant and a must have for improving skin dryness.”

Love this ‘thinking outside of the box’ Tom! 😉

Carrot Seed Oil, Cold Pressed – distilled from wild carrot seeds & is a classic, highly nutritious product, packed full of Vitamin A/B/C.  Most commonly used in Chinese medicine, this oil made it onto the cosmetic formulation scene as a great inclusion into detergents, soaps & perfumes. A good inclusion to tackle eczema, rashes & skin blemishes; just what we need with the harsh winter weather forecast.

Babchi (Bakuchiol) Oil, Cold Pressed – an oil extracted from the seeds & leaves of the Psoralea corylifolia plant, which grows mostly throughout India & is more commonly known as babchi.   Bakuchiol dramatically stimulates skin cell turnover rate, as a result, skin becomes brighter, tone & texture improve, plus lines & wrinkles are reduced.   It’s clinically proven to enhance skin firmness & elasticity…send us a lorry load please!

Dragon Fruit Seed Oil, Cold Pressed – rich in essential fatty acids & tocopherols. This oil has no scent, is light in color & it is similar to the feel of almond oil. The seed oils are interesting from a nutritional point of view as their contents are more than half essential fatty acids. Fatty acids are central to the use of energy in the skin, required to make new skin & maintain function & health.  Dragon Fruit Seed Oil helps reverse signs of aging by slowing down cell proliferation, giving cells more time to develop their protection functions.  It also helps improve skin dryness, overall skin health, fight wrinkles, sagging, fine lines & dullness.  Wow, it really is a power house! 


We will be sharing more favourites from our O&3 Crew over the coming weeks, so watch this space for a perfect insight into what’s new and what we rate as our ‘go to’ products.

We hope you are feeling festive and enjoying the build up to the big day…remember to take some time out to rest & ‘live in the moment’.

From our family to yours – We are O&3 – The Oil Family.