With Christmas just around the corner, the Christmas aromas are all around at O&3 HQ!


So, what are we seeing going out to our customers and what do we think works well in a Christmas formulation?

Here are a few of our favourites…

  1. Pine – Pine is a non-brainer natural oil for Christmas. Beyond just making your home smell like a Christmas tree, pine essential oil helps boost your metabolism, which a great benefit after all of the festive food we will all enjoy!


  1. Cinnamon – There is probably no better essential oil for triggering sensory memory.  When you fill your home with Cinnamon, you are immediately transported to warm and happy Christmas memory making.


  1. Peppermint – Peppermint is one of the most delicious flavours of the festive season.  Found in candy canes, pudding’s and other sweet treats; peppermint brings a light and fresh aroma to your home and is also fantastic at boosting energy and at promoting relaxation.


  1. Frankincense – Gifted by the three Wise Men to the baby Jesus, then burnt as incense at various religious ceremonies, it has a long history with Christmas.  In the East, Frankincense is connected with balancing the ‘crown chakra’, so has a profound spiritual meaning to many.


  1. Myrrh – Myrrh is the other essential oil gifted by the three Wise Men and burnt in various houses of worship.  Myyrh is an immune booster and relieves anxiety (something that rears its ugly head at this time of year).


  1. Clove – Think of it dotted along the Boxing Day Ham or added to your Mulled Wine; Cloves are an classic festive spice.  The rich scent adds a depth to a festive formulation and also helps ease respiratory and sinus issues as a result of a seasonal cold or flu.


  1. Sweet Orange – Christmas happens during the citrus season.  Once upon a time, people would gift one another these delicious tropical fruits, as a Christmas gift.  Today, paired with the rich sent of clove or Cinnamon; Sweet Orange makes wonderful festive formulations.


  1. Nutmeg – Nutmeg is another fabulous addition to help trigger sensory festive memories.  Often under looked as an essential oil, Nutmeg offers a range of great health benefits including treating digestive problems and arthritis.


We would love to hear what you are using in your festive creations!  If you do need any tips on choosing your ingredients, our Sales Crew are always on hand to chat – salescrew@oand3.com

In the build up to the busy festive period, take some time to reflect and enjoy your creating.

Wishing you a restful and happy Christmas.

From our family to yours,

We are O&3 – The Oil Family.