5 Things You Never Knew About Yorkshire Day!

On the 1st August every year, us Yorkshire folk all come together and celebrate our great county; it’s people, food, language and everything that is great about God’s own County.

We at O&3 – The Oil Family, are super proud to be born and bred in Yorkshire!  Our HQ is located in the picturesque Yorkshire countryside, with our sibling founders; Jennifer, Thomas and Eleanor, all having been brought up in North Yorkshire.

Here’s a bit of trivia about our special day:

  • The modern Yorkshire Day was created as a protest!

The modern Yorkshire Day was born out of the East Riding’s dislike of their new name –

in 1975 a group from Beverley, known as ‘The Yorkshire Society,’ revived our special day in protest at the recent boundary changes which put their area in an alien territory known as ‘Humberside’. This meant that places like Beverley, Hull, Driffield and Bridlington were banished forever from Yorkshire and into the arms of North Lincolnshire. Folk from the East Riding disliked Humberside so much, that they reinvented Yorkshire Day to celebrate the county they still felt part of.

Luckily in 1996, the government finally saw common sense, restoring the traditional East Riding of Yorkshire, putting it back where it truly belongs and sending Humberside to the history books!

  • There is an actual declaration of ‘Yorkshireness’

There is a ceremony swearing allegiance to Yorkshire and its flag. Every 1st August in York, the Yorkshire flag is carried to the four walls of the city and a declaration swearing loyalty to the county is read out.

  • Yes – Welly Wanging does exist and it takes place on Yorkshire Day!

Welly Wanging contests are a vital part of Yorkshire Day.  The rules are simple – grab a welly and “wang” (or throw) it as far as you can.  Events can be found at Yorkshire Day events across the county. Its origins come from the Pennine village of Upperthong, which is also home to the annual World Championships, held here each June.

  • Every year there is a host town

Like the Olympics, or the World Cup, a host is nominated for the event each year.  Several places in the county have had this honour in recent years.  All the county’s mayors and dignitaries, plus The Yorkshire Society, who revived the event in 1975 gather here.  This year the host town is Whitby!

Happy Yorkshire Day Everybody!


From our family to yours,

We are O&3 – The Oil Family