They say that February is the month when love and kindness shines through!  All over the world, people unite with the goal of bringing joy and compassion to everyone around them.

We are all about random acts of kindness at O&3, so we thought we’d share some of our perfect natural products to use in your beautiful romantic formulations.

O&3 presents:

  • Patchouli, Essential Oil Organic.

Steam distilled from the dried leaves of the Patchouli flower. A sweet & rich aroma, this oil is a preferred ingredient in perfumes, room diffusers & soaps. Its enticing scent is a great addition to your next formulation. With an uplifting aroma, Patchouli is great for anti-depressant & anti-inflammatory rubs, hence why it works incredibly well in massage blends.


  • Neroli, Essential Oil Organic.

Strictly for elegant ladies! This natural oil is fantastically seductive. The name was founded from Princess Nerola of Italy who was known to wear it as her scent. The scent is sweet & floral and blends wonderfully with anything citrussy or floral. We like to use it on its own. It is aimed more towards the more ‘mature lady’ formulations, very elegant in its profile. A few drops make a super eau-de-toilette or cologne. Similar to other essential oils in that it is an uplifting, calming and anti-depressant ingredient, like lavender, it is lovely to place a few drops on your pillow.


  • Rose, Absolute (Russian).

Roses have long been equated to love, and for good reason—who doesn’t love the delicate scent of a rose? The rose scent can stir up self-confidence, boost self-esteem, improve mood, and alleviate stress. It’s no wonder that this scent is equated to love as it stirs the heart and helps improve overall health and well-being.  Our Russian Rose Absolute is solvent extracted from petals of the Rosa Damascena flower. The oil is a viscous liquid with a warm, spicy floral (rose) odour. The petals are pressed to produce a fat and then flower essence is solvent extracted to deliver a wax, after another extraction the rose oil is created. The material is expensive, mainly due to the amount of petals used to produce the absolute (approx. 10mt of rose petals to produce 0.5kg of oil). The absolute is extremely fragrant giving a pungent Rose aroma hence its popularity in fragrances and perfumery.


  • Jasmine, Absolute.

This beautiful aromatic oil produced from the shrubs white flowers is predominantly used to fragrance your formulation and carries a warm floral note. It is also useful in products that are designed to reduce greasy & dry skin. But most of all we like to apply to muscle rubs and massage blends.    It contains properties that help relax muscles and nerves and is research proven to reduce stress by helping calm the nervous system.  This oil is as special as the flower itself.


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Have these inspired you? I can’t wait to try them all, but my favourite has to be the Patchouli Oil!  Which is your favourite?

As always, if you need any help, just drop us a line.  We love hearing from you.

“Happy creating!”

From, O&3: The Oil Family

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