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Wax On, Wax Off…

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We get asked a lot about choosing the right vegan wax for the best formulation. It can be a bit of a minefield and so we wanted to share with you our Crew’s top tips for getting amazing results when creating.

It is widely known that waxes come in all sorts of forms with so many varied characteristics, so you need to bare these in mind when choosing what you are going to use.

Number 1. HARDNESS: How hard is your chosen wax? Remember this: ‘The higher the melting point of a wax, the harder the finished product’.
– If you’re making a stick formulation, you’ll need a wax with a high melting point.
– If you’re preparing formulations for a tropical climate, you’ll need a wax with a higher melting point.
– If you’re preparing a soft hand & body balm, you’ll need a wax with a low melting point.

All waxes have their pros and cons. The choice depends on your product concept and can vary from product to product and from application to application.

Number 2. REPLACING A WAX: When you replace a wax with another, the most important factor you’re looking for is the difference between melting points.

E.g. Beeswax: has a melting point of 61-65 oC. Obviously if you’re going to replace beeswax with a wax with a melting range of 80-85 oC, you’ll need to alter your recipe and the concentration of the wax.

In the reverse, if you’re going to replace beeswax with a wax with a lower melting point wax, then you’ll need higher concentrations of this substitute wax.

The key is GETTING THE BALANCE RIGHT. Hardness (melting point), ‘spread-ability’ and skin feel need to be adjusted. Trust your instincts and always think about these key factors:
– Climate the product is going to be marketed in
– Packaging
– Product concept

We like to think of ourselves as your ‘one stop shop’ for all things waxes! If we had to choose our fave, (it’s tough though!) it would have to be our Avocado Wax. It is so versatile and packed full of antioxidants, along with plenty of Vitamins A, D and E. Perfect for the summer months added to soothing after sun products for all of the family.

You can check out all of our available waxes here:

As always, if you need any help, just drop us a line. We love hearing from you.
“Happy creating!”
From, O&3: The Oil Family