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Le Tour de Yorkshire 2018!

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North Yorkshire is emblazoned with bunting and yellow bicycles ready to welcome the Tour de Yorkshire this weekend, the bank holiday weekend. Whether it is the Yorkshire spirit, incredible support round the entire route, finest scenery or unique ‘hill climbs’ we are fortunate to have this event pass our doorstep for the 4th year running. North Yorkshire has always enjoyed an excuse to get together in the community and this event is like no other.

Back in 2014 when this all began the official ‘tour de France’ started with legs in the UK and Yorkshire was a chosen county, since then it has continued and world class riders attend for the 4 days of racing. As a result North Yorkshire has become a destination for cyclists and tourism has benefited immensely with many taking on portions of the routes after the tour has passed.

Thomas is the only cyclist amongst us here at O&3 although he is no Chris Froome, the rest of the team here are much happier keeping our feet on the ground. Whether your sport is cycling, running or walking a natural muscle remedy can really help you recover and relax your muscles after endurance.

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For all the information you will need on the tour visit but we advise you pack a picnic & head off to explore a part of the county you don’t know. With sun set to shine we are sure it will be a fantastic weekend.

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