Welcome to our very own Fruit & Vegetable Oil patch!

We have designed & launched this range of new ingredients to bring you some well-deserved veggies to your skin diet. We have worked super hard to bring this collection together for the summer months ahead. Totally unique to the ingredients market.

Brilliantly – the above-mentioned range all pretty much carry a similar theme when it comes to properties (but please do read their profiles on our website). They are all packed with an array of essential fatty acids, so your Omega skin food demands are very much covered.

The seeds are collected (a lot of them!) and then we press away, this completely natural production method delivers a stunningly fresh, earthy aromatic oil. Each carries a slightly different aroma profile, but very much sticking to a fresh, earthy aromatic theme. As for the inherent benefits, full of antioxidants & essential fatty acids so the application is very much in your hands – body/ hair / face… Do not rule any of them out here, they all respond well to this range.

Most proudly we can shout form the roof tops about the production efficiencies of these ingredients as they are 100% naturally produced oils, utilising a raw material that would otherwise be disposed of.

Unique, different, versatile, functional… From our fruit & veg patch to yours.

The O&3 Fruit & Veg Patch

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Cabbage Seed Oil, Cold Pressed

Spinach Seed Oil, Cold Pressed

Onion Seed Oil, Cold Pressed

Coriander Seed Oil, Cold Pressed

Basil Seed Oil, Cold Pressed

Carrot Seed Oil, Cold Pressed

Parsley Seed Oil, Cold Pressed

Radish Seed Oil, Cold Pressed

Quince Seed Oil, Cold Pressed

Cherry Seed Oil, Cold Pressed

Fig Seed Oil, Cold Pressed

Blueberry Seed Oil, Cold Pressed