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Millie Barlow

How Jojoba Oil Is Helping Desert Regions

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Water security is becoming a key priority for governments and growers across the globe. Even at our Head Offices in the UK, which regularly tops the charts for the rainiest country in Europe, water scarcity is an increasingly important talking point.

We regularly get asked about the sustainability profiles of our natural oils and whilst many are COSMOS organic certified or are by-products and zero waste, our Golden Jojoba Oil stands out as a low water alternative that is helping desert regions.

Can Jojoba help reduce the effects of desertification?

Golden Jojoba Oil is made by cold pressing seeds from the Jojoba plant. This incredible plant thrives in dry, arid conditions and is resilient to drought and desert heat. It needs little irrigation and the water that it does use can be brackish, containing some salt and requiring little filtering which helps to preserve drinking water and save energy. All of this contributes to Jojoba being known as the ‘Gold of the Desert‘.

From North America to Israel, Jojoba plantations are helping to reduce the effects of desertification and build microclimates that encourage rainfall as well as lowering temperatures in the local region. Its low, bush-like shape helps to reduce wind erosion and its deep root system and low nutrient requirement help to stabilise soil.

These resilient plants produce a high quality oil and their ability to grow in desert areas means that they can support local farming economies that would struggle to sustain other crop growing. Not only this but the seed meal produced through cold pressing can be used as a gentle natural exfoliator or be used as animal feed or fertiliser. The plants also absorb high volumes of CO2, often making them carbon negative plants.

A go-to oil for aromatherapy & massage

Golden Jojoba Oil is used in hair and skincare formulations as well as aromatherapy and massage products. It’s a beautiful oil that is easily absorbed, doesn’t clog pores and contains a wealth of vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids.

Rich in vitamin E, Jojoba Oil helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as fighting the effects of free radicals. It can be used on its own and massaged into skin and hair but is also a wonderful carrier for essential oils to make soothing and softening blends.

Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil is available in Organic and Non Organic options as well as refined varieties.