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Cold-Pressed Fruit Oils: What Are The Benefits?

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In our last post, we introduced you to the O&3 range of cold-pressed fruit oils — what they are, how we source them and some of the most popular uses for them. This time, we’ll be discussing all the incredible reasons why you should be incorporating these innovative, zero-waste formulations into your skincare products.

As you’ll know if you checked out our previous blog, fruit oils are created by slowly cold pressing a source material — often a fruit seed or shell — within a controlled temperature setting. This produces a versatile, organic, high-performance ingredient which can be used in a range of skincare products.

So, why should you consider incorporating these innovative oils? Allow us to touch on a few of their numerous, incredible benefits… 

Packed full of fruity, natural goodness and vitamins

With an abundance of natural emollients, essential vitamins and omega oils, cold-pressed fruit oils are superfood for your skin. Because of the unique, innovative way in which they’re created, each fruit oil retains all of the intrinsic, natural qualities and compounds from their source material. 

With other, faster methods of oil extraction, you risk compromising the nutritional value because of the heat and chemicals used in the process. With cold-pressed fruit oils, on the other hand, the end product remains packed full of essential fatty acids, nutrients and antioxidants.

There’s a formulation for everyone

Cold-pressed fruit oils can help consumers to realise a more tailored, personalised skin care routine. Whatever type of skin you have, there’s a solution that can work for you. 

If you have a more mature skin type, you might want to explore something like our Chokeberry Seed Oil, Cold Pressed. As you can probably guess, this is sourced from wild chokeberry seeds; the chokeberry is a small fruit produced by the Aronia Melanocarpa plant.

Rich in polyphenol, this organic fruit oil is full of natural emollients which soften, smooth and protect the skin — as well as leaving it hydrated. The natural nourishing properties of cold-pressed chokeberry seeds also make them an incredible ingredient for hair care products, helping to revitalise and condition your scalp!

For those who may be prone to dry or irritated skin, a skincare regime incorporating a highly-moisturising fruit oil such as Blueberry Seed Oil, Cold Pressed can work wonders. This oil invigorates and hydrates the skin, as well as being an anti-inflammatory.

If you have damaged skin or are looking to guard against wrinkles, you might be interested in Blackberry Seed Oil, Cold Pressed. Blackberries are a favourite because of their rich nutritional makeup, packed full of omega 3 and 6 and vitamins C and E. 

People of all ages and skin types can benefit from the emolliating properties of these fruit oils. Younger folk may opt for an oil like Cranberry Seed Oil, Cold Pressed.— it’s renowned for nourishing and protecting the skin. Many younger and older people can struggle with acne, eczema and psoriasis; Seabuckthorn Fruit Pulp Oil, Cold Pressed can be very useful oil thanks to its high omega 7 & vitamin A content.

That’s not all, of course. There’s almost too many cold-pressed fruit oil varieties to mention in one blog post — so we’ve had to keep it brief!

Delicate, fruity aromas

Let’s face it, we all enjoy the fruity fragrance that comes with the application of a high-quality skincare product. Whatever colour, texture or scent you’re looking to capture, there’s a cold-pressed fruit oil that fits the bill.

Each oil is blessed with a unique, subtle aroma — our strawberry fruit oil, for example, has a pleasing marzipan scent, whilst our raspberry formulation is acclaimed for its fresh, fruity vibes. Then there’s our blackberry seed oil, which boasts a soft, earthy, natural touch.

Because there’s no heat or chemicals involved in the creation of cold-pressed fruit oils, each is bursting with organic fruity aromas. These light, highly-functional oils can then be adopted into a range of skincare products, applying with the minimum of fuss.

Doing a favour for our planet

According to recent research, 56% would pay more for beauty products if they were made with natural, organic ingredients. ‘Conscious capitalism’ is real — the fate of our planet has scarcely ever been a bigger issue for so many consumers, particularly in the younger demographic. 

As such, the marketing benefits of zero-waste ingredients are clear. Products created with O&3’s fruit oils can boast 100% natural ingredients — as well as the healthy, invigorating qualities of natural fruit. Fruit oils are a fantastic way to future-proof your brand and its products by joining the movement for a more sustainable world.

O&3: The Oil Family

If you’re mulling over your next product development campaign, we hope that cold-pressed fruit oils have made an impression. Strong vitamin makeup, an abundance of essentials acids, innumerable emollient properties and zero waste — what’s not to love about cold-pressed fruit oils?

Whether it’s for consumers, for brands — and even for the planet — these versatile, modern formulations offer a range of incredible benefits. 

At O&3, we provide a variety of natural, organic oils for the wholesale market. If you’re looking to get in on the hype, explore our full range of cold-pressed oils. Together, let’s make something incredible.