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Sheanut Butter, Unrefined Organic

Butters, Organic

Sheanut Butter, Unrefined Organic

O&3 presents Sheanut Butter, Unrefined Organic

Your slice of Africa! O&3 presents Sheanut Butter, Unrefined Organic. This traditional Ghanaian product has been hand crafted by local women of the sub-Saharan Savannah-Sahel for decades, for both culinary & cosmetic purposes. The butter is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree that grow across Africa. It has grown in popularity in the cosmetics industry in the past decade. Similar in makeup to that of Cocoa butter, Shea butter is a healthy option for your body, both internally & externally. Rich in vitamins A, E & F, this butter is full of nutrients that aid in the production of collagen. It is considered one of the best skin nourishing ingredients hence its popularity in body butters & massage, it melts wonderfully into the skin. The sustainable story of Shea butter production is its greatest asset, providing solely women with a secured income for their family. The women will harvest, clean & press the nuts themselves (within their community) & then given the chance to negotiate their own price before it arrives in Europe for filtering & cleaning. This raw material has made significant positive impacts on communities within Ghana & delivering a new & stronger infrastructure in so many communities that were in need.

  • Product code
  • INCI Listing
    Butyrospermum Parkii Butter
  • Manufacturing Method
    O&3 can confirm Sheanut Butter, Unrefined Organic is wild harvested from the Shea Tree by local women cooperative between May & August. The Kernels are extracted from the Shea Fruit, the Kernels are then boiled/cracked. The dry nuts are then crushed/roasted/milled/kneaded into a crude butter. This is a Butter product.
  • Origin
    O&3 can confirm that Sheanut Butter, Unrefined Organic Origin is Ghana.
  • CAS Number
    194043-92-0 - 91080-23-8
  • EINCS Number
  • Customs Tariff Code
    1515 9059 00
  • Functionality

    A Highly Moisturizing & absorbing, natural emollient which is known to restore elasticity in the skin.

    Powerful Anti-oxidant Properties.

    Rich in Essential Fatty Acids, vitamins A, E & F.

    Popular in massage & body butters.

    A raw material with so much impact within African communities. Empowering women. Strengthening communities.                                 

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