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Bacuri Oil, Cold Pressed

Cold Pressed Oils, Non-organic

Bacuri Oil, Cold Pressed

O&3 presents Bacuri Oil, Cold Pressed

A Brazilian super fruit oil! O&3 presents Bacuri, Cold Pressed. Native to the Amazonian Rainforest, this wild harvested ingredient benefits your formulation and the cooperatives in the rainforest that continue to produce this super fruit. You may have seen it used in the latest trendy super-fruit smoothie, but we love this oil for what it can do for your skin. With its notable content of phosphorus, iron & vitamin C, it works wonders in skin rejuvenation. You only need a little to benefit your formulation. This oil has a super story and is very marketable.

  • Product code
  • INCI Listing
    Platonia Insignis Seed Oil
  • Manufacturing Method
    O&3 can confirm that Bacuri Oil, Cold Pressed is Cold Pressed.
  • Origin
    O&3 can confirm that Bacuri Oil, Cold Pressed origin is Brazil, Amazonian Rainforest.
  • CAS Number
    Not Listed.
  • EINCS Number
    Not Listed.
  • Customs Tariff Code
    1515 9040 00
  • Functionality

    An exotic rainforest ingredient supporting cooperatives that wild harvest the fruit.

    High content of Iron

    High content of vitamin C.

    High content of Phosphorus                  

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