Hydrolats and hydrosols, also known as floral waters, are gaining popularity in the cosmetic and haircare industry due to their numerous benefits and potential for future use. These natural plant-based ingredients offer a range of therapeutic properties that can be harnessed in skincare and haircare formulations.

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Delicate & Versatile Waters

Formulating with hydrolats and hydrosols is relatively easy. They can be added to formulations at various stages, depending on the product being made. They can be used as a base for serums and lotions, as a replacement for water in clay masks, or as a final ingredient in facial mists and sprays.

Hydrolats and hydrosols offer many benefits and are becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetic and haircare industry. They are a natural and sustainable alternative to synthetic ingredients and offer a range of therapeutic properties that can improve the health and appearance of the skin and hair. Formulators should consider adding these valuable ingredients to their formulations to harness their many benefits.


Hydrolats VS Hyrdosols

Hydrolats and hydrosols are often used interchangeably, but there is a subtle difference between the two. Hydrolats are the water-based by-products of the steam distillation of plant material, whereas hydrosols are the water-based product of the steam distillation of aromatic plants.

Hydrolats are sometimes considered to be of lower quality than hydrosols because they may contain some essential oils and have a shorter shelf life. However, they are less expensive and can be used in a variety of formulations, including toners, lotions, and facial sprays.

Hydrosols are highly aromatic and often used in perfumes, room sprays, and facial mists. They are more expensive than hydrolats due to their purity and concentration, but they offer many benefits to the skin and hair.


Benefits of Waters

Our hydrolats and hydrosols offer a number of unique benefits.

  • Very delicate aromas — ideal for pet, baby and anti-aging products
  • Soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • Zero waste products; a by-product of industry processes
  • Cost-effective ingredients to formulate with
  • Able to be used on their own
  • Highly-functional and easy to blend
  • A range of gentle fragrancing solutions from many plants
  • A variety of pack sizes available, from 1kg to 950kg


Technical Information

Each product is accompanied by exhaustive, in-depth technical data, so R&D teams can make the most informed decision possible.

  • Material Safety Data Sheets for every water
  • Comprehensive detail on allergens, cosmetic, food and reach status
  • No restricted preservatives or parabens
  • No colorants or UV filters
  • Organic certifications

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