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James Wray

Navigating NMPA registrations in cosmetic formulations 2023

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If you’re looking to sow your cosmetic seeds in markets such as China, which predicts significant growth trajectories for cosmetic brands over the next five years, there are some new legislations being introduced in 2023.

Here’s everything you need to know about NMPA changes…

What is NMPA?

NMPA (The National Medical Products Administration) is a new requirement for the registration of ingredients that will be utilised in the sales of cosmetic formulations in China. In simple terms, if your formulation or ingredient will be sold in China, each individual ingredient & supplier must be registered on the NMPA China database in order for it to meet legal requirements. It is the finished product manufacturer or brands responsibility to obtain these codes from all of their ingredient suppliers.

Why has the NMPA regulation been introduced?

The NMPA has introduced new regulations to enhance the safety information and monitoring of ingredients being used in China. Each manufacturer/supplier is required to register the ingredient by listing a wealth of information onto the NMPA database relating to each specific ingredient.

What is the deadline for NMPA registration?

The deadline is the 1st January 2023, so O&3 has been busy registering its ingredients on the NMPA China database for the past 8 months.

From this date onwards, all ingredients must be registered to obtain the specific NMPA submission code, or the Annex 14 completed in order for the ingredient to be used in your formulation sold to China.

What do I need to do now?

If you are creating formulations for use in China and utilising O&3 ingredients to create your formulation, then you require a 15 digit NMPA registration code which can be obtained by emailing the O&3 Technical Crew (

We have created many submission codes already and we are still in the process of completing this process for our full range, so if the code is not created yet, we will log your request and contact you once it is ready.

It is essential that you only use the code from your specific supplier for the ingredient registered. You cannot utilise another suppliers NMPA code for the same product. It must be supplier and ingredient specific.

How can I find out more?

You can head to the official NMPA website to find out more about NMPA certification, or you can get in touch with our Technical Crew on who are always happy to provide advice or guidance on this matter