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The Zero Waste Scrub — Rosehip Shells, Exfoliant

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It can sometimes be tricky to make sustainable lifestyle changes, but at O&3, we want to make things a little bit easier. Our solution — zero waste scrubs.

Over the past few years, we’ve all come across news stories about microbeads in health and beauty products, the much-loathed small plastic particles that pollute our marine ecosystems. It’s fair to say that scrubs and exfoliants have attracted some bad press.

At O&3, we’re changing all that. We’re here to help you to develop products that allow consumers to make a simple, effective lifestyle change.

Without further ado, allow us to introduce the newest addition to our range of sustainable scrub formulations… 

Our new zero waste exfoliant — Rosehip Shells, Exfoliant

We’ve channeled the exfoliating magic of Rosehip seeds to bring you a new, exciting product ingredient: Rosehip Shells, Exfoliant. This unique, natural zero waste formulation gives our planet and our skin a huge boost. 

At O&3, we create a wide range of oils, but never waste a thing. Wherever possible, we get creative by recycling the by-products from the oil production process. In this case, the key ingredient is cultivated from shells after the Rosehip seed oil extraction process has taken place. The result is a highly-functional, natural solution infused with skincare qualities. 

Rosehip seed oil is renowned for its exfoliation attributes — we’ve packed all of these benefits into a scrub formulation for a natural, chemical-free ingredient. This exfoliant scrub sits well in msot cream formulations, giving you the chance to turn your product development totally sustainable.

Be a part of the zero waste revolution

In 2018, thankfully the law was changed and plastic microbeads were banned. As such, the exfoliator product landscape has been evolving rapidly, and at O&3, we’re leading the way by providing an exciting range of scrubs and zero waste formulations.

Rosehip Shells, Exfoliant allows you to benefit from the incredible marketing power of having natural, eco-friendly product ingredients. By adopting Rosehip Shells into your range, consumers can enjoy all of the benefits of a proper exfoliation regime with none of the environmental downsides associated with the unsustainable, synthetic scrubs of yesteryear.

In creating this zero waste formulation, we’ve sacrificed no performance benefits. Rosehip Shells, Exfoliant works by speeding up the skin’s natural renewal process, clearing away dead skin cells, unclogging pores and helping to fight against acne — everything you’d expect from a top-notch exfoliant.

Now’s the time to put our planet first.

Zero waste — it’s all the rage

Customers are seeking out brands and products which align with their world outlook, it’s a fact. According to research, eight in 10 customers say sustainability is important, with six in 10 willing to change shopping habits to benefit the environment.

That’s in addition to the estimates that the global market for organic, natural personal care products is set to sky-rocket in size, booming by 5.4% annually until at least 2027. 

Our exciting new Rosehip Shells exfoliant sits perfectly in a market where demand for sustainability is soaring. As consumers gradually turn away from plastics, it should come as no surprise to learn that natural products are gaining real traction. Rosehip Shells is a great way to realise a natural, chemical-free range.

Let’s get scrubbing.

As people around the world ditch synthetics and embrace natural alternatives, Rosehip Shells, Exfoliant is the perfect sustainable ingredient. Let’s play a part in the future of our planet.