The natural way to develop exfoliating products

Since the ban on plastic microbeads in 2018, the beauty industry has been looking for new ways to create exfoliating products, and natural exfoliators have become increasingly popular as a result. From face washes to body cleansers, there is a huge demand for natural exfoliators, and there is still lots of scope for innovation in this market, especially with some of the more well-known exfoliants such apricot scrub receiving bad press.

The O&3 range of exfoliating ingredients are all natural and, best of all, are zero waste products, meaning they are created as a by-product of another manufacturing process and would otherwise have been discarded. Take a look at three of our zero waste scrubs for some ideas on how to develop innovative, effective exfoliating formulations your customers will love…

Organic Hibiscus Exfoliant

More than just a beautiful tropical plant, the Hibiscus flower is packed full of tiny seeds that are rich in powerful botanical oils and perfect for adding into exfoliating products. Our organic Hibiscus exfoliant is packed full of antioxidants and is a great addition to a scrub because of its concentration of natural surfactants called Saponins. These help to exfoliate and cleanse the skin, with the acid from the Hibiscus oil helping to slough away dead skin cells. From soaps to lotions and face creams, give it a try in your products.

Rosehip Shells Exfoliant

It’s certainly hip to use rosehip these days, with a plethora of rosehip oil formulations on the market, but did you know that the shells containing the celebrated oil can also be used? Our Rosehip Shells Exfoliant is a fantastic zero waste ingredient and created as a by-product of the rosehip oil extraction process. This natural scrub sits well in most cream formulations, and thanks to the shells retaining some of the rosehip oil, makes them a perfect ingredient for natural skincare products, especially those designed to treat acne.

Green Coffee Seed Exfoliant

Wake up the appearance of dull skin with a natural, zero waste formulation containing Green Coffee Seed Exfoliant. This product is also obtained as a by-product of another process, meaning it truly does have green credentials! This ingredient is a very fine exfoliator due to it being ground and is an effective and natural solution to remove dead skin. From body scrubs to facial products, this exfoliating ingredient will certainly revitalise your product offering.

Have you ever thought about developing a zero waste scrub? Get in touch for more ideas…