Discover the benefits of this eco-friendly fruit oil

As consumers become more aware of the environmental impact of their purchases, it is important to not only consider the materials used in your packaging, but to also consider the eco credentials of the ingredients in your products. One of the benefits of using oils from fruit seeds is that lots of them are zero waste, meaning that they are produced from leftovers in another manufacturing process.

Raspberry seed oil from the O&3 Fruit & Veg Patch Collection is one such oil; not only is it packed with amazing skin benefits, but it’s also produced using leftover seeds from the juice and jam manufacturing industry, meaning the moisturiser your customers use on their face in the morning could be derived from the same raspberries on their toast!

As an ingredient within zero waste formulations, Raspberry seed oil brings a heavy dose of Omega enrichment to the table. It is full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids and is widely used in skincare products for this very reason. It’s a wonderfully light and versatile oil, working well in facial creams, cleansers, serums and treatment oils. It nourishes and protects the skin from free radicals thanks to the phytosterol content, and is also anti-inflammatory due to the levels of alpha linolenic acid within the oil.

As well as working wonders in zero waste skincare products, it also works really well in haircare formulations due to the high vitamin E content and its ability to create lipid barrier protection against moisture loss. Raspberry seed oil makes a great alternative to on-trend hair and beauty oils such as rosehip or jojoba to add a point of difference to the formulation and to align with the zero waste product movement. 

How can I incorporate raspberry seed oil into my products?

By using this brilliant fruit oil within your product development, you can enjoy the marketing benefits of using a 100% naturally produced oil, that utilises a raw material that would otherwise be disposed of, plus all the benefits of the oil itself. We offer a number of different grades of raspberry seed oil ready for development within zero waste formulations: 

    • Cold Pressed Organic Raspberry Seed Oil: This organic oil is as natural as they come, packed full of all the brilliant benefits of the seed oil but retaining some of the natural colour and fresh fruity fragrance of the raspberry. This grade may be ideal for formulations aiming for maximum skin benefits with natural credentials
    • Cold Pressed Deodorised Raspberry Seed Oil: This grade of raspberry seed oil is still full of natural goodness, but has been treated to gently remove the fragrance, making it perfect for development in skincare products where the natural scent of raspberries may be less desirable
    • Refined Raspberry Seed Oil: Our most affordable grade of raspberry seed oil, this blend has been treated to remove the colour and fragrance from the oil making it very easy to formulate with as it won’t impact on the shade or scent of the finished product. This oil is a popular choice for more mainstream brands where the zero waste credentials of raspberry seed oil can still be marketed but with a cost-effective formulation