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The Magical Dragon Fruit

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Discover the benefits of this tropical fruit

It’s the star of smoothie bowls, with pink scaly skin and white inner flesh dotted with seeds, but there’s much more to the iconic Dragon Fruit than just being an Instagramable tropical treat. The tiny black seeds that live within the fruit are bursting with nutrient rich oil, which we’ve carefully extracted using our cold pressing technique. By cold pressing our Dragon Seed Oil, meaning we extract the oil in a temperature controlled setting, we can retain the oil’s natural colour, flavour, and the nutritional value, making it highly potent and perfect for product development.

Fruit seed oils like those in our O&3 Fruit & Veg Patch collection are gaining popularity in the development of beauty products, thanks to their high antioxidant contents as well as their stability, and Dragon Seed Oil is no exception. It contains both omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids which are important for controlling inflammation and is also packed with vitamin C making it a front runner on the skin cell repair list.

How can dragon seed oil be used in product development?

With a high linoleic acid content, there is no surprise this seed oil is rising in fame in the personal care world for both hair and skincare applications. Linoleic acid is the most favoured fatty acid used in cosmetic products as it cannot be synthesised by the body and is often used as an emollient.

The combination of nutrients within Dragon Seed Oil make it a powerful antioxidant that helps protect skin against environmental damage. Plus, with its rich vitamin C content aiding in collagen production, this oil lends itself to development in anti-ageing products to help skin appear clearer, firmer and plumper.
Dragon seed oil is also popular for use in sun care products, due to its calming properties. The fruit is loaded with nutrients that helps soothe sunburnt skin and provide relief from the inflammation, redness and itchiness caused by damaging ultra-violet rays.