For us, offering an extensive collection of organic oil ingredients is all part of what we believe in – delivering the finest quality natural ingredients to our customers. Organic ingredients, developed without synthetic fertilisers or pesticides are some of the best available; grown with integrity as nature intended, retaining their beautifully natural qualities.

We’re proud to offer certification on our increasing portfolio of organic oils, so you can be assured that our products meet some of the highest available organic standards. As quality is so important to us, our organic products are certified through the Soil Association, the country’s leading organic certifier.

As well as being a quality measure, providing certification through the Soil Association enables our customers to display the widely recognised and trusted Soil Association symbol on their products, making them more appealing to the end user. According to the Soil Association, 77% of consumers would be reassured by genuine organic accreditation, and would be more likely to purchase an organic product with an accreditation.

Across our collection of organic oils, waxes, soap bases and more, we offer two different kinds of certification:

Organic (DA/Food)

This is the highest level of organic certification available from the Soil Association and covers both food-grade and cosmetic ingredients. To sell a product labelled as ‘organic’ within the EU, that product must comply with a set of standards, covering manufacturing and production, storage and sales. Our wide range of oil ingredients, certified as organic, have demonstrated that they meet these legal standards and can therefore be labelled and sold as such; these products span from our organic acai berry oil, to our ylang ylang extract.

COSMOS Organic

In partnership with BDIH in Germany, Cosmebio and Ecocert in France and ICEA in Italy, the Soil Association have developed a new standard for organic and natural cosmetic ingredients, known as COSMOS (Cosmetic Organic Standard). Like the Soil Association Organic certification, the COSMOS Organic certification ensures that ingredients that have been grown without being genetically modified, with no herbicides or synthetic fertilisers. This level of certification is most appropriate for oil ingredients intended for cosmetic use, such as our organic apricot kernel oil.

We also offer COSMOS Natural certification on ingredients produced naturally rather than organically. Our certified COSMOS oils include coconut oil and sesame seed oil.

Have you got a question about organic certification? We are ready to talk this through with you today and of course send you all the relevant documents. Simply fill out the contact form here or call us on +44 (0)1765 522120.