We are totally committed to the ever-evolving world of Cold Pressed Oils.  The O&3 crew are always on the hunt for the next unique raw material that we can extract from. This commitment takes us around the globe in search of the next super-oil that ends up in some of our favorite cosmetic brands.

The oils we provide are extracted from seeds, fruits, vegetables and nuts. From Carrot Seed Oil, to Pomegranate Seed Oil; the way the oil is extracted has a direct effect on how the oil interacts and the amount of nutrients it has to offer. Using heat to extract oil can degrade the oil’s flavour and nutritional quality. Using low-heat methods produces a much higher quality oil, albeit in lesser quantities, therefore we like to avoid at all costs our oil’s biggest enemies; heat and light…

The Cold-Press Process – a bit of background for you here:


Uses for Cold-Pressed Oil – the world’s your oil!

Cooking is the primary use for cold-pressed oil. Radish, Parsley, sesame and coconut oil, for example; can all be extracted using cold-pressed methods and used for flavour in marinades, salad dressings and baked goods. Makers of cosmetic products use oils from almonds, cucumbers, jojoba, rosehip seeds and more. The possibilities are truly endless!

It is easy to become overwhelmed and confused when you look at the wonderful array of Cold Pressed Oils that we have available. Although you can theoretically choose any oil you want, there are however certain factors you should consider before you select your oil for maceration or infusion. We want to share our 5 points to consider when choosing the right Cold Pressed Oil for your creation…

1. The shelf life

Even if you plan to use your creation very quickly, you still want to have a reasonable shelf life for the cold pressed oil, the maceration and the finished product in which you’re using the maceration.

Preparing plant extracts and macerations is a delicate and time-consuming task and you don’t want to invest weeks and months in preparation just to have to discard the oil after a few months. Choosing an oil with a high iodine value such as pomegranate seed oil would significantly shorten the shelf life of the maceration.

Tip:Consider the shelf life of the oil you choose and make sure that it has a reasonable shelf life.

2. The thermal stability

If you intend to prepare the maceration using the ‘hot process’ method, or if you plan to apply the maceration in balms, butters or hot process emulsions, then the oil needs to have reasonable thermal stability – in other words, it needs to be able to withstand being heated.

Tip:It would be a great loss to oxidize your precious maceration during a heating process, so choose an oil that has good thermal stability and won’t oxidize if it goes anywhere near heat.

3. The inherent scent

Applying an oil with a very intensive inherent scent (such as neem oil or perilla seed oil) can define your finished formulation, so make sure you really consider the natural aroma of the cold pressed oil. We think it smells great but just make sure it works with all your other ingredients in your final formulation.

Tip:  Make sure you choose a Cold Pressed Oil that has a scent you would be happy to incorporate in your finished cosmetic product.  (If you need guidance on this, we can help you find one that fits your plan, we are still longing for ‘instasmell’!).

4. The inherent colour

Most Cold Pressed oils are pretty consistent in colour (golden/yellow), but certain oils can differ significantly. Unless a strongly coloured cold pressed oil is part of your product concept from the very beginning, you don’t want to compromise the colour of your formulation so take this into consideration.

Tip:Make sure you sample or check the specification before purchase to make sure the natural colour of your oil is going to work in your formulation.

5. Availability and price

As in any commercial market, you should always consider the availability and price of your ingredients.  O&3 can guide you depending on your consumption and batch size, to ensure you select the best Cold Pressed Oil for your market.

As you can see on our products page, we have 100+ Cold Pressed Oils!  Check them out here:  https://www.oand3.com/products/

Check out some of our latest cold pressed launches. These are unique ingredients packed with goodness waiting to feed your skin & hair.

Let us know if these tickle your skin buds 😉

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  • Have these inspired you?  I can’t wait to try them all, but my favourite has to be the Chockeberry Seed Oil!  Which is your favourite?

As always, if you need any help, just drop us a line. We love hearing from you.

“Happy creating!”

From, O&3: The Oil Family