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Delicate, versatile waters

Within the O&3 range, we offer two types of waters — hydrosols and hydrolats.

A hydrosol contains an essential oil dispersed within it, whereas a hydrolat is a by-product of the steam distillation process. Both offer a delicate, cost-effective fragrancing solution.

If you’re looking to capture a gentle aroma — like an essential oil, but diluted and lighter — our waters are the perfect solution. Look no further than our selection of versatile, high-quality hydrosols and hydrolats.

Benefits of Waters

Our hydrosols and hydrolats offer a number of unique benefits.

  • Very delicate aromas — ideal for pet, baby and anti-aging products
  • Soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • Zero waste products; a by-product of industry processes
  • Cost-effective ingredients to formulate with
  • Able to be used on their own
  • Highly-functional and easy to blend
  • A range of gentle fragrancing solutions from many plants
  • A variety of pack sizes available, from 1kg to 950kg

Every single detail

Technical Information

Each product is accompanied by exhaustive, in-depth technical data, so R&D teams can make the most informed decision possible.

  • Material Safety Data Sheets for every water
  • Comprehensive detail on allergens, cosmetic, food and reach status
  • No restricted preservatives or parabens
  • No colorants or UV filters
  • Organic certifications

We've got you covered

  • Fast global delivery

    3–5 day lead times and flexible, speedy logistics around the world.

  • Downloadable technical documents

    We exceed our clients’ technical expectations with up-to-date and in-depth data.

  • A variety of pack sizes, grades and formats

    Whatever specifications or requirements you have, we make it happen.

Easy, delicate fragrancing

A guide to waters 

Hydrolats are the aromatic remains of the steam distillation process, part of creating essential oils. Hydrosols, on the other hand, are formed of an essential oil dispersed into the water. In both cases, the result is a simple-to-use, highly-delicate ingredient which can be easily incorporated into your next formulation, or used as a finished product.

Nothing complicated here

How do we supply waters?

Our commitment: all your stock, when you need it. Speedy logistics, flexible pack sizes and no minimum order quantities — so you can focus on your customers.

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fragrancing waters

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