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100% natural scrubs

A scrub can really define your finished exfoliating product formulation, so making the right choice is crucial. 

Our sustainable scrubs are manufactured from a wide array of the finest raw plant materials — nuts, fruits, vegetables and seeds. The result? An effective, natural and highly-functional solution for the removal of dead skin cells.

Completely organic and created from industry by-products, our portfolio of scrubs bring sustainability to any finished product. In a world increasingly concerned with moving away from synthetics, look no further for the perfect ingredient for your exfoliating product.

Why Choose Natural Scrubs?

Give your formulation that leading edge.

  • A range of unique exfoliants for many skin types
  • Rich in antioxidants and other natural emollients
  • Highly nourishing and moisturising
  • Excellent integration into cream and lotion formulations
  • 100% organic and chemical free (great for marketing!)
  • Functional, simple and easy-to-use
  • A cost-effective options
  • A variety of pack sizes available

Details matter

Technical Information

We provide all the technical information you need to make an informed choice.

  • Material Safety Data Sheets for each scrub
  • Comprehensive detail on allergens, reach, food and cosmetic status
  • No colorants or UV filters
  • No restricted preservatives or parabens
  • Food grade scrubs available in our range

We've got you covered

  • Fast global delivery

    3–5 day lead times and flexible, speedy logistics around the world.

  • Downloadable technical documents

    We exceed our clients’ technical expectations with up-to-date and in-depth data.

  • A variety of pack sizes, grades and formats

    Whatever specifications or requirements you have, we make it happen. It’s the O&

Let’s get scrubbing

A guide to scrubs

Since microbeads were banned, the exfoliator product landscape has changed dramatically. It couldn’t be easier to join this new organic movement. When creating these simple-to-use exfoliant ingredients, we cut the scrub down to a manageable size for your formulation, irradiating any signs of bacterial growth.

Expedited exfoliants

How are our scrubs supplied?

It doesn’t matter the quantity you want, where you are, or what your particular requirements are — at O&3, we strive to make it happen. Service is our pride.

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scrubs solutions

Lead the way by creating totally natural, high-quality exfoliating products.

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