Here you will find answers to the most common questions regarding O&3 Polska

  • Does O&3 Polska have the same stock holding as O&3 U.K.?

    Yes. We have been working hard over the last six months to ensure that the same high-quality range of products are available from both O&3 facilities.

  • Can I have next day delivery from O&3 Polska?

    We have heavily invested in our Polish Operations and Logistics Crews to ensure that orders are despatched quickly and efficiently. However, due to the many different countries within the EU, next day delivery may not always be available but our Logistics Crew will happily look into this for you. Please speak with your Account Manager for further details.

  • I want to order from O&3 Polska but don’t speak Polish?

    With O&3 Limited being an English company, the common language across all our sites will always be English.

  • I am based in Switzerland: do I place my order with O&3 Polska or O&3 U.K.?

    You have the option of ordering through both sites if you are based in Switzerland. However, the majority of our Swiss clients do prefer to order from O&3 Polska due to geographical proximity. This applies to all other European countries that are not part of the European Union, with the exception of the U.K. and Northern Ireland, who are serviced from O&3 U.K only.

  • Can I order from O&3 Polska for delivery within Europe, but pay in GBP£ or US$?

    We accept payments in EUR€, GBP£ and US$ for both O&3 Polska and O&3 U.K.

  • Who do I contact if I am based in EU but want it delivered outside of the EU (ROW)?

    If you’re looking for shipping outside of the EU, we would recommend placing your orders through O&3 U.K. Our U.K. Logistics Crew has vast amounts of expertise in shipping to Rest of World (ROW) clients so our U.K. business would be best placed to provide support for all your needs.

  • Is it cheaper for me to buy from O&3 Polska than it is from O&3 U.K.?

    As one of the U.K. and European market leaders, we offer competitive pricing from all our sites. However, in terms of custom charges and freight costs, it is more cost effective for our EU clients to place their orders through O&3 Polska and our ROW clients to place their orders through O&3 U.K.

  • If I order from O&3 Polska for delivery within the EU, will I receive customs and tariff charges?

    No, if your delivery address is based within the EU, you will not receive any customs, tariff or import charges if we deliver from O&3 Polska. Our EU client base are very valuable to us, which is why we made the decision to open O&3 Polska to avoid any unnecessary charges post-Brexit.

  • Who do I contact if I am based in Ireland?

    (i). The majority of our clients from Republic of Ireland choose to order from O&3 Polska as this avoids tariff charges and customs delays. However, please note that the transit time is approximately two weeks. We are working hard with our Polish hauliers to reduce transit times, but we do recommend forward ordering wherever possible. We are happy to ship from the U.K., however, this is on a case-by-case basis and we advise clients to check their country’s customs procedures prior to ordering.
    (ii). We recommend shipping from O&3 U.K. for our Northern Irish clients as Northern Ireland still has open borders with the U.K.

  • Have the business details changed for O&3 Polska?

    Yes, O&3 Polska is a completely separate company to O&3 U.K. so we do have different company details, including VAT, EORI and bank accounts. Please ensure you have the correct details from your Account Manager before making payments.