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Almond (Sweet) BP73 Oil, Refined

The oil factor

O&3 presents Almond (Sweet) BP73 Oil, Refined

The No1 selling nut oil. O&3 presents the notorious Almond (Sweet) BP73 Oil, Refined. This product is the base of most cosmetic formulations, you simply cannot go wrong with this oil no matter the finished product or formulation. It is stable and has an extensive shelf life, versatile, easy to use & incredibly cost effective. It is a true warrior of our oil range. This oil is perfectly suited for those that want a cheap carrier oil to get their formulation up & running; whether its a soap, shampoo, massage oil or face cream. Did we mention its the No1 selling oil in the cosmetic world? t is worth highlighting, this material is according to the BP73 monograph, which includes purity testing, however it does not include sterol analysis.
  • Product name
    Almond (Sweet) BP73 Oil, Refined
  • Product code
  • Functionality
    An excellent emollient.
    Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E.
    Calms & protects against skin irritation.
    Aids in relieving skin & scalp irritation, both inflammation and itching.
    A popular lubricating oil, commonly used in massage for this very reason.
    A very good carrier to blend with other oils, mainly essential oils.
    Due to its refined state the profile of the oil does not impact the aroma of the essential oil.
    Commonly used in baby products due to its sensitive nature on irritated & sensitive skin.
    It is our most cost effective carrier oil, so you can buy lots of it!
  • INCI Listing
    Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil
  • Manufacturing Method
    O&3 can confirm Almond (Sweet) BP73 Oil, Refined is Expeller Pressed, Refined
  • Origin
    O&3 can confirm Almond (Sweet) BP73 Oil, Refined origin is USA & Turkey.
  • Pack Sizes
    1kg, 5kg, 25kg, 200kg, 950kg
  • CAS Number
    8007-69-0 / 90320-37-9
  • EINCS Number
  • Customs Tariff Code
    1515 90 00 00
  • REACH Status
    O&3 can confirm that Almond (Sweet) BP73 Oil, Refined supplied is exempt as per Annex IV & V according to EU regulations 1907/2006. This product is not chemically modified, it comes under derogation pursuant to EU regulation 987/2008, Annex II, #9. Hence registration is not required for this product. We can also confirm that none of the substances on the SVHC candidate list can be verified in a concentration of >0.1% in our product.
  • Food Status
    O&3 can confirm that Almond (Sweet) BP73, Refined IS suitable for food, only when the appropriate quantities/dilution are used. This material complies with European Food Regulations, i.e. 1881/2006. However before consuming or formulating a food item using this ingredient, we insist you email our Technical Team before doing so for our opinion on the dilution applied to your finished product.
  • Cosmetic Status
    O&3 can confirm that Almond (Sweet) BP73 Oil, Refined is suitable for cosmetic application. It is not included in the list of substances prohibited in cosmetic products. Neither does it contain parabens, restricted preservatives, colorants or UV filters (Annex II - VI of EU Regulation 1223/2009).

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