Olejki do twarzy na każdą porę roku

The fun begins when it comes to playing around and developing ideas to achieve your perfect formulation. We are very knowledgeable in this area and happy to assist with any questions you may have from what products blend well together to trying to achieve a certain product profile…

We all have our favourite blends and aromas but the options available to you are endless. You can keep it simple by mixing any essential oil with a standard refined oil, however there are also options to funk it up a little and make your formulation extra special. There are hundreds of oils to choose from, covering a diverse mix of flowers, nuts, herbs, grasses, bushes, and trees, so formulating your own recipe may at times feel a little…overwhelming. Do not feel alone in this process, we can hand-hold all the way if required…. Just ask the sales crew!

To give you an idea, we have shared below some of our seasonal face-oil blends where we have used a variety of essential oils to achieve an aroma profile.


The blend: Neroli Oil, Myrrh Oil, Refined Grapeseed Oil, Refined Hazelnut Oil, Deodorised Argan Oil.

This is a super blend for the colder months, very popular with the team come Christmas time as the blend has a thickness that soothes dry patches (especially when applied around the mouth & nose) and nourishes the skin, its deep and effective.


The blend: Refined Sweet Almond Oil, Refined Sesame Oil, Refined Olive BP73, Golden Jojoba Oil.

A super nourishing blend that is bursting with Vitamin E promoting tissue repair. It gives you that healthy dose of antioxidant giving your skin the necessary protection from the baddies in the air. This does not smell, so why not add in an essential oil to give it a required aroma?


The blend: Cold Pressed Moringa Oil, Refined Abyssinian (Crambe) Oil, Neroli Oil, Patchouli Oil, Lavender Oil.


This blend is punching with vitamins C & E so super for soothing the skin but at the same time it is lightweight to give your skin the minimal required layer for those summer evenings. If formulated properly the texture is like silk on the skin and works wonders when massaged into lines that you are trying to remove around the mouth and ultimately delivering more balance to your complexion.