Here at O&3, we pride ourselves in knowing our products, inside and out!  Our latest experimenting has been with Black Soap…

So, what did we think…

Trial 1:

“So, when I was asked to try Black Soap, I probably pulled the same face that you are…black soap? Well, I thought I would give it a go. Extremely popular in Russia and Eastern Europe, black soap is the secret beauty product that no-one knows about.

When it first arrived it was crumbly, like a dry fudge, not at all like any soap I have ever used, but when mixed with water it takes on the property of a glorious soapy texture. It’s natural exfoliating properties and non-drying cleansing ensure your skin feels clean like never before without feeling tight.

It is known to eradicate fine lines and wrinkles…I’m all for anything that helps this! My skin is definitely smoother and make up goes on more easily without the need for primer. My 14-year-old daughter would recommend it as it cleans teenage skin deeply and unlike so many of the cleansing products currently on the market for “problem” skin, it isn’t using harsh chemicals.

So, black soap is now a family favourite for the teenager and the fifty something!”

Trial 2: 

“It foams up well under water, but the foam is quite brown. It makes your skin feel squeaky clean, refreshed and smooth though. I have sensitive skin, so a lot of shower gels make me feel clean, but my skin feels tight, but the Black Soap didn’t do that 😊

It smells very much like a bar of soap, which is unusual for a natural product I think. Overall I really liked it and will be using it again!”


The overall consensus is top marks for the Black Soap…Will you be trying it?

Please click on the following link to learn even more about this awesome product and its technical data:

As always, if you need any help, just drop us a line.  We love hearing from you.

“Happy creating!”

From, O&3: The Oil Family