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W świecie naturalnych składników i innowacji

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Nasza Rodzina wykorzystuje swoją wiedzę i 40 lat doświadczenia na rynku olejów naturalnych. W O&3 naszym głównym celem jest produkcja i nadawanie wartości szerokiej gamie naturalnych surowców. Niezależnie od tego, czy Waszym celem jest dystrybucja, sprzedaż hurtowa czy produkcja własnych wyrobów kosmetycznych, The Oil Family to kompleksowe wsparcie dla każdego projektu i innowacji związanych z naturalnymi surowcami.

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Oferujemy wyłącznie najlepsze surowce naturalne

  • Cold Pressed Oils

    A cold pressed oil is a type of oil that doesn’t use any form of heat or chemicals to be extracted from its source. Cold pressed oils are extracted through a process named “Cold press extraction” which presses the raw ingredients under a temperature of 120°F (49°C). This extraction is often slower in comparison to other extraction methods, though what is left is a product that retains the highest amount of flavour and natural vitamins.

    Some of our most popular cold pressed oils are:

    • Castor Oil (BP), Cold Pressed
    • Neem Oil, Cold Pressed
    • Jojoba Seed Oil Golden, Cold Pressed
    • Rosehip Seed Oil, Cold Pressed Organic
    • Cranberry Oil, Cold Pressed

    View Cold Pressed Oils

  • Refined Oils

    Refined oils dilute essential oils before their intended use, as essential oils on their own can be harsh and irritating on the skin. Our refined oils are crafted through carefully deriving ingredients from plant seeds and herbs of which are converted into oil using either cold pressing for the seeds, or maceration for the herbs. Our refined oils differ according to the various applications that they are used for when diluted with an essential oil. The most careful consideration to make is where they are being applied directly onto the skin. Refined oils carry a wide range of skin nutritional benefits with their main application being for moisturisation.

    Some of the best refined oils are:

    • Coconut oil – A great ingredient for cosmetic applications!
    • Olive Oil – A favourite for cooking and skincare.
    • Sweet Almond Oil – Our No.1 selling nut oil, commonly used in cosmetic products.
    • Avocado Oil – Great when used for hair products.

    View Refined Oils

  • Infused Oils

    Our infused oils have a variety of uses and applications. They add unique flavours and scents to otherwise bland ingredients. Whilst an essential oil is more volatile to the skin and requires dilution in a carrier, infused oils are safer and more commonly used in soaps and lotions. Infused oils can also be used to add flavour to cooking oils.

    Some benefits of infused oils are:

    • Strong base oil for Aromatherapy
    • Hair Care
    • Skin Care
    • Great for massage oil blends

    View Infused Oils

  • Essential Oils

    Essential oils are a concentrated liquid extracted from plant matter, which captures the plant’s exact scent and features. Essential oils are separated from the plan through water or steam distillation – a clean method of oil production.

    When a carrier oil is added to make essential oil suitable for skin-related use, these oils can be used in aromatherapy to bring the pure essence of a plant to the user – with some incredibly interesting health-related uses. The Health benefits surrounding Essential Oils are completely dependent on what plant the oil is created from.

    Here are some popular essential oils with their benefits:

    • Lavender Essential Oil: Used for relaxation and skin treatment
    • Peppermint Essential Oil: Used for headaches, digestive issues and air cooling
    • Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Used for fighting colds, reducing fever and boosting your immune system
    • Tea Tree Essential Oil: Healing acne, fungal infections & insect repellent

    View Essential Oils

  • Soap Bases

    From Melt & Pour to Liquid-Based soaps, we supply the highest quality soap bases. Our products are infused with aesthetically pleasing colours and fragrances on a mass-produced scale. Melt & Pour soap bases hold the ability to be crafted into the most aromatic soap bars. Liquid-Soap Base is a more time-saving alternative that maintains a high standard. The consistency can be altered through the addition of salt, all that is needed is the right blend of ingredients.

    Some of the most popular soap bases are:

    • Glycerin Soap Base (Melt and Pour)
    • Aloe Vera Soap Base (Melt and Pour)
    • Easy Lotion Base (Liquid Base)
    • Castille Soap Base (Liquid Base)

    View Soap Bases

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