We have planned & strategised for Brexit, & the impact it will have, so that you don't have to.

Latest Updated: 25th September 2020

  • Will O&3 continue to trade in 2021, once the UK has left the European Union?

    Yes, absolutely we will.  And despite the incoming turbulence we believe that because of our strategy & tenacious approach we will be even stronger, wiser & ever more committed to servicing your requirements.  You will still be able to order from your Oil Family, deal or no-deal.

  • What is O&3 doing about BREXIT?

    O&3 has turned a tough environment into a brilliant opportunity!  Recognising the need for proactivity on this difficult topic our Founders have opened up a subsidiary business in Poland which will go-live 1 November 2020.  This business has a fully stocked warehouse that will be responsible for servicing & managing all orders placed by our customers who are based within the EU.  For those customers based within the UK although there may be an increase in cost due to the tariffs on your raw materials sourced from the continent our Buying Crew are working extremely hard now to stock up – & we encourage you to do the same! – to keep these costs to a minimum for as long as possible.

  • Why has O&3 opened up a Company in Poland?

    The Founders recognised that maintaining the status quo with the business being based in the UK, once Brexit happens on 31 December 2020, would be detrimental to many of their customers.  With the likelihood of a no-deal between the EU & our UK government, the additional compulsory tariffs & duties would be for some clients insurmountable – not to mention the longer lead times. Opening this O&3 subsidiary on the continent had to happen to ensure the long-term growth & opportunity of not only O&3 but also that of its’ customers.

  • How can I prepare for BREXIT?

    We are not waiting for the government to make a decision – it would be too late to implement a solid & reliable strategy.  O&3 has therefore planned for a no-deal outcome & would encourage you to do the same.  If you are in the EU you do not need to do a thing – we’ve taken the decisions & really look forward to trading with you from O&3 Poland!  If you are in the UK & can support storing additional product & an increase in your cash flow requirements we would suggest you stock up as much as you can.  This will give you some time to settle into the new environment & work out the dynamic that we will all be trading in.

  • If I want to buy from O&3 Poland directly how can I do that?

    Please contact your Sales Crew lead to talk through which warehouse would be better suited for your requirements.  Alternatively send an email to hello@oand3.com or call switchboard on +441765522120.

  • Will the Crews at O&3 Poland speak English?

    With O&3 Limited being an English Company the common language across all our sites will always be English.

  • I still feel uncertain over the BREXIT future – who can I speak with?

    Firstly don’t worry! We also feel anxious & uncertain, but know that we’re all in this together.  Our Project Crew behind the scenes are working super diligently to ensure the BREXIT outcome for all O&3 stakeholders is the best it possibly can be.  If you would like to learn more about this, or share your woes, do email hello@oand3.com marked for our attention – or telephone us via switchboard +441765522120!

  • When & where can I access more information on O&3’s Brexit strategy?

    A suite of emails will be sent out to all O&3 stakeholders from mid-October with hints & tips, suggestions & process flows to ease your supply & purchasing decisions in to 2021.  To ensure you receive this please remind your Sales Crew to add your email address onto the distribution list.