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Innovative, aromatic absolute oils

Absolutes are highly-aromatic liquid oils extracted from plants — the perfect way to achieve a distinctive, potent and concentrated aroma.

Unlike essential oils which are distilled through steam, absolute oils are obtained via solvent extraction. This complex chemical process yields in an oil with a very potent and highly-concentrated aromatic profile, perfect for perfumes, fragrances and other products.

Absolutes come from a select plant, each providing its own unique fragrant qualities. From the sweet through to the intensely fruity, woody or floral, look no further than the O&3 range for innovative, highly-functional absolute oils. 

Benefits Of Absolutes 

Many plants do not take steam distillation well, which means they need to be extracted using solvent baths. This gives access to a wider range of unique, potent aromas — one big benefit of absolutes.

  • Highly-concentrated aromatic profiles
  • Excellent functionality and ease of handling
  • Simple blending and dilution
  • Great for the skin, even if it’s greasy or dry
  • Elegant, distinguished, potent aromas
  • Unique, wild, exotic plant oils
  • Versatile for a range of formulations
  • Feminine, masculine and neutral fragrances
  • Cost-effective fragrance solution

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Technical Information

We are not satisfied to simply meet our clients’ technical expectations — we want to exceed them. To help you make the most informed decision possible, we provide in-depth, comprehensive and detailed technical data on all our absolutes.

  • Technical information for every absolute
  • No parabens or restricted preservatives
  • No chemical modification
  • No colorants or UV filters
  • Some oils suitable for food application in certain dilutions

A full rundown of the technical information for each absolute can be downloaded on each product’s page.

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  • Fast global delivery

    3–5 day lead times and flexible, speedy logistics around the world.

  • Downloadable Technical Documents

    We exceed our clients’ technical expectations with up-to-date and in-depth data.

  • A variety of pack sizes, grades and formats

    Whatever specifications or requirements you have, we make it happen.

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Absolutes: innovative, powerful and versatile oils

After a complex process involving solvent, ethanol, cooling, filtering and finally evaporation, hey presto, you’ve got your absolute — a concentrated, powerful aromatic solution. Typically with a very high potency compared to essential oils, care and attention must always be taken when handling these robust formulations.

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How we supply our absolute oils

Global delivery, flexible pack sizes and no minimum order quantities — that’s the O&3 way. From specification through to stock arrival, every step of your journey with us is as seamless and bespoke as can be.

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