Creating a festive cosmetic formulation? You won’t want to miss these six special, organic carrier oils — crucial for a high-performance, quality end product.

So, we hear you’re a festive formulator?

Looking to create some unique, top-drawer cosmetic products that evoke the magic of Christmas? 

In case you missed it, last time we explored six essential oils that are absolutely guaranteed to give your products a highly-scented Christmassy kick. Those gorgeous spicy cinnamon and evergreen pine aromas are amazing, but if you’re creating a spectacular seasonal formulation, you’ll ideally need some other ingredients, too — carrier oils.

Carrier oils provide all of the performance and functionality benefits that consumers want from their beauty products.

Behold, part II of our 12 Oils of Christmas Edit! Allow us to introduce six ingredients that you can harness for a first-class festive formulation.


1 — Jojoba Seed Oil Golden, Cold Pressed

Native to the deserts of Colorado, Arizona and California, jojoba oil is one of the very best absorbents we have — even capable of reaching the corneal layer of the skin.

Whether for super-moisturised skin or strengthened, shining hair, jojoba oil imbues your formulation with magical rejuvenating properties. It’s an emollient superhero. 

Jojoba oil has even become a replacement to the spermaceti wax of sperm whales. When combined with one of our aromatic essential oils, you’ve got an ethically-conscious, sustainable formulation. How’s that for an unbeatable Christmas marketing message?


2 — Black Cumin Oil, Cold Pressed

If you’re looking for an element of festive mystique, why not choose an ingredient that finds reference within the Old Testament?

Celebrated for its curative properties, this historic oil provides your product with a compelling story — as well as some no-nonsense skincare benefits.

Extracted from black seeds under low heat, it has a mildly spicy aroma that lends a subtle Christmassy scent to any formulation. Rich in fatty acids and anti-inflammatories, black cumin oil has a calming effect on blemishes; just the ticket for a nourishing festive formulation.


3 — Cranberry Seed Oil, Cold Pressed

For a festive, fruity twist, look no further than our versatile cranberry oil.

Sourced from recycled cranberry seeds, this ingredient is completely zero waste. With ethics and sustainability a priority for so many consumers, this is your sure-fire ticket to standing out from the cosmetics crowd.

And boy, does it pack an emollient punch. This natural seed oil is chock full of fatty acids, anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants — the perfect component for a pampering, detoxifying Christmas formulation.


4 — Bakuchiol Oil, Cold Pressed

Introducing — the anti-wrinkle king. Obtained from the seeds of the babchi plant, bakuchiol (pronounced ba-koo-heel) hails from India and Sri Lanka. 

Harness the power of this exotic plant-based oil for a rejuvenating, anti-aging formulation; bakuchiol triggers skin cells to create types of collagen which are crucial for skin health and firmness. Rich in essential acids, it’s also simple to formulate with, seamlessly assimilating into any product.

Dark brown in colour with a faint festive sweet and nutty aroma, here you have a dynamic, beautifying product ingredient — just what we all want to find underneath the tree!


5 — Baobab Oil, Cold Pressed 

Cold-pressed from the nuts of the gargantuan, bizarre-looking baobab trees, this unique ingredient is your ticket to a one-of-a-kind formulation.

Native to Madagascar but found across Africa, say no more about the unbelievable nutritional profile of baobab oil. It’s packed with natural emollients ranging from omega-3 and 6 to vitamin A and E, not to mention an abundance of other essential fatty acids.

To retain all of those amazing benefits as well as its suitably festive light nutty scent, this special oil is best served cold pressed!


6 — Flax Seed Oil, Cold Pressed 

From the planes of Madagascar to the rolling hills of England — say ‘hello’ to our versatile flax seed oil! Whether it’s the body, face or feet, this ingredient will find a home in any festive formulation.

Flax seed oil delivers gift-wrapped emollient benefits to any beauty product. Renowned for its inflammation-busting properties, this oil boasts essential and eicosenoic acids as well as oxidant-defying vitamin E; it’s even been shown to increase quality of life and diminish the effect of hot flushes — a quintessential menopause symptom.

Couple it with some festive essential oils and you’ve got yourself an invigorating, antioxidant formulation. Just what the doctor ordered for Christmas.


Ready to get cracking?

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