With temperatures hitting the high 30’s this week 🌞 throughout the UK and Europe, it got us thinking about perfect products for cooling formulations ❄️

Here’s our top 3:

  • |  P E P P E R M I N T   |

We offer a wide range on Mint oils, so be sure to have a scan of our range. All of our mints are grown & distilled in India and offer you the menthol kick you require. Suitable for both food & cosmetics.  

Mint oils are a super addition to your formulation. Mentha Piperita is the more expensive of our Mint grades, a beautifully minty odour with approximately 30-45% menthol content. 

Menthol is an organic compound that produces a COOLING sensation when applied to the mouth or skin. 🌱  

Check out our Peppermint products here:


  • |   E U C A L Y P T U S   |

We offer a fabulous range of Eucalyptus oils to suit whatever your requirement. Steam distilled from the leaves & twigs of the tall evergreen tree with its large cineol content (approx. 70%), this oil is a regular gig in many formulations, most notably repellents, bites and cut healing creams.

Eucalyptus acts as a nice alternative or complement to Peppermint and Spearmint oils in cooling blends. In addition to its ability to provide a COOLING sensation. 🌿

Check out our Eucalyptus products here: 


  • |   V E T I V E R T  |

O&3 presents Vetivert Java, Essential Oil.

Vetivert does not disappoint in its aroma profile with its sweet, woody & earthy aroma. 

It blends wonderfully with other essential oils such as Black Pepper, Lavender and Neroli. Vetivert is steam distilled from the root of a particular grass.

Vetivert natural oil, makes a wonderful perfume oil during the summer months. It’s rich, rooty properties deeply cools the body down and grounds heated emotions. It has been used in the deserts of India for many years for this purpose. Rubbing vetiver essential oil into the soles of the feet or forehead can cool the body quickly.💦

Check out our Vetivert products here:


  • Enjoy the sunshine; stay cool and hydrated!
  • O&3 – The Oil Family 💚